Blended Families

Each blended family is unique composed of many streams rooted in a complex history. Successful blended families are those that navigate the logistical and emotional aspects of family life with flexibility, openness, and of course love. Remember, while step parenting has many challenges, it is also replete with joys and rewards.


A Family Divinely Connected Through Historical Photos

She had a special bond with her husband’s grandmother. After perusing some scrapbooks, she learned the reason why.

An illsutration of an angels embracing a mother and daughter; Illustration by Amalia Restrepo

She Feared Being Alone with Her Mom with Alzheimer’s

She didn’t know how to comfort her anxious mother. Then a childhood memory—and a prayer—saved the day.

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A Christmas wreath surrounded by two angels. Illustration by Hennie Haworth

This Christmas Wreath Became a Source of Divine Comfort and Love

The festive decoration was just what they needed for their first Christmas as a blended family.

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Tonya's Aunt Chrissy; photo credit: Jim Graham

Why Sweet Tea for Christmas?

Over the years, this delicious beverage became the cornerstone of her family’s holiday celebration.

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Lou Dean and her mother.

Unexpected Blessings: Reconnecting with Family

For these Guideposts contributors, Covid-19 has brought their families closer together in miraculous ways.

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Robert and Son Vo today.

How This Veteran Discovered the Son He Left in Vietnam

Decades after the war, this veteran took a DNA test that forever changed his life. 

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Watch Mickey Mouse Tell These Two Kids They've Been Adopted

Watch Mickey Mouse Tell These Two Kids They've Been Adopted

Disney helped this family tell their foster children that they had officially been adopted and the moment is heartwarming. 

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Full House

9 TV Siblings Who Taught Us the Meaning of Family

In celebration of National Siblings Day, we've rounded up some of the greatest familial duos, trios and broods to grace the small screen.

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An Adopted Son Finds His Birth Father Just in Time

An Adopted Son Finds His Birth Father Just in Time

Listen as Ken Davis, who was adopted as an infant, describes the thrill of finding his birth parents just in time to see his birth father, David Johnston, through a life-saving open-heart surgery.

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Cheryl and her family; Photo credit: NIK LINDE

How God Divinely Provided for Her Adopted Children

Preparing to adopt four children, she was anxious about her family’s changing dynamic, until the miracles started rolling in.

Ashley and her husband, Erick, with sons Andrew, Skyler and Ethan

Adoptee Now Fosters Love in Her Own Family

She'd been in foster care with 14 families, some of whom had been abusive, before a loving couple adopted her. Could she learn to share that kind of love with children of her own?

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Ashley Rhodes-Courter outside her home in St. Petersburg, Florida

Adoption Allows Her to Share Her Love

Ashley Rhodes-Carter lived with 14 different foster families prior to be adopted at the age of 12. Now, she shares the love her parents gave her with her own three sons, one of whom is adopted.

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Stars Go Dim Singer on Adoption

Stars Go Dim Singer Found Hope Through Adoption

Michael Cleveland and his wife struggled to have children before deciding to adopt. Now he's sharing the lesson he learned through his music. 

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Trisha Yearwood with husband Garth Brooks

Trisha Yearwood's First Holiday Meal with Garth Brooks' Family

Her first Thanksgiving away from home, the country star discovered that gratitude and tradition can travel far.

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Natalie Gillespie and her family

The Family Tree Becomes a Vine

Familial relationships today are complicated and entangled, but also richly rewarding.

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Kristy Miklas with children Zackary, Kelly, and Anthony (l-r) and husband, Carl

From Russia with Love

She was willing to travel as far as Russia to adopt a son. But was this the right choice?

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