Cookbooks, Family Dinners and Making Memories

All those stews, cakes and cookies are not just about food—but also love.

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My kitchen shelves are crammed with cookbooks—some are favorites that I use over and over. So that’s why I was excited to see that October is National Cookbook Month. You see, it’s not just about food; it’s also about making memories.

The aroma of a pound cake in the oven takes me back to times spent baking with my sweet grandpa. Those were such precious days of laughing together—and banging the oven door to make the cake fall—because we both liked the crunchy top. If the cake fell, there was more of that yummy crunch. 

A bowl of chili makes me think of my daddy, and the countless times I saw him stirring a big stockpot for family and friends. A pot of Russian tea simmering on the stove takes me back to times spent in my Aunt Catherine’s kitchen on brisk winter days, the aroma of cinnamon, orange and pineapple juice filling the air.

Slices of tender roast beef make me think of fun days at my Aunt Bernadette’s house, of times spent laughing with her and my cousins. And it makes me grateful that she made time to teach me how to prepare a roast and make her perfect gravy. 

Every time I sauté celery and onions for our Christmas dressing, I remember the times my daddy was there. He’d walk through my kitchen, inhale deeply and then he’d say, “Now it smells like Christmas.”

And a bite of sugar cookie transports me immediately back to when my boys were little. I can still see those adorable little faces dusted with flour as we rolled out cookie dough and cut it into shapes to decorate for Christmas. Precious times indeed.

I have three cookbooks that are my absolute favorites. When each of our sons became engaged, I invited our family and friends and our future daughter-in-law’s loved ones to send me their favorite family recipes. I compiled three cookbooks as bridal shower gifts to welcome our daughters-in-law.

All those old family recipes that have been so precious to me are now preserved for future generations. And the bonus is that I get to enjoy seeing my children and grandbabies make those wonderful foods from my childhood.

My grandchildren love to gather in the kitchen and cook with me—and I’m grateful for this sweet blessing from God—because I know that they’re also making memories that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

What kind of kitchen memories can you make with your loved ones? Pull out your favorite cookbook and start cooking!

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