Earning Their Wings: How Sweet She Is

A Guideposts staffer's 16-year-old niece proves to be oh so angelic, and mature beyond her years.

Posted in , Dec 15, 2011

Stephanie Samoy's niece, Natalie

“My Sweet 16!” read the subject line of the e-mail from Natalie, my niece. The party was out in Tucson, too far for me in New York City to attend, but I could at least send her a gift.

“Cold hard cash is what I want,” Natalie wrote. With many friends having RSVP’d so far, it looked like Natalie would make a fortune. Enough to afford that car she’s been dreaming of, I thought. Or the latest smartphone.

Curious, I called to ask Natalie what she would buy herself with all that birthday money. “It’s going to World Vision,” she said, “to feed hungry kids and give them clean water to drink. I want my birthday party to make a difference.”

Sweet 16? You bet she is.

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