Family Full of Blessings

I can never thank God enough for being so good to me and for the gift of my family.

Posted in , Nov 22, 2014

Family full of blessings. Photo by Yan Lev, Thinkstock.

The specialness of the moment caught me unexpectedly as we rode down the bike trail on Hilton Head Island, SC. Twenty-seven years earlier, we’d been to the island for our first visit. Our three boys, aged 2, 6 and 10 were like stair-steps at the time.

Back then, our youngest son was still so little that he rode in a seat on my husband’s bike. Over the years we spent many wonderful Thanksgivings riding around the island, watching alligators sunning on the banks of the lagoons, enjoying dolphins as we pedaled down the beach and catching crabs with a chicken neck tied to a piece of string.

Family full of blessings. Photo by Yan Lev, Thinkstock.They were wonderful days and cherished times. I can close my eyes and still hear the precious sounds of my family laughing together as we rode past trees laden with Spanish moss, and I can almost hear the sounds of screeching brakes as my boys raced each other.

And now–before I blinked twice–here we were 27 years later, still riding together on the same bike trails. And that’s when the moment struck me. I stopped my bike and watched my family as they went down the trail–literally counting my blessings.

There was the sweet husband who’s been my dearest friend for more than 40 years. He’s been an amazing husband, an exceptional dad to our boys, and now that he’s become Granddaddy, I do believe he’s found his calling in life. I’ve been so blessed to have him as my best friend.

And then there was our oldest son, Jeremy, now a daddy himself. Oh my, how he’s filled our lives with laughter and mischief. I love the man he’s become, a man who loves God and his family.

Our middle son, Tim, was next. He was my golden-haired boy with the sunny smile. We shared many of the same interests, and those days we spent curled up on the couches reading together were special times. I’m so proud of him today as I see him impacting the lives of his students, as I see him loving on his family.

Our youngest son, Jason, rode down the trail next. Growing up, he was the comedian in the family, and he still makes us laugh. I love his tender heart as he fills his role of youth pastor with the children and teens at his church, and as he plays with his baby boy and pigtailed daughter.

Out of all the kids in the world, God sent his best three to me. I have been so blessed to be their mama. How could I ever thank God enough for that?

I counted three sweet daughters-in-law, Lydia, Laurel and Kella. They were the answers to all those prayers we prayed for our sons from the time they were babies, asking God to send them good wives when the time came. The girls fit into our family like the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

And then I counted our grandbabies–all six of them strapped on seats behind their parents or riding in little pull-along carts. There are no words to tell how precious they are to us.

I looked at 5-year-old Anna, wise beyond her years, so loving, and such a sweet reminder of what her daddy looked like at that age. There was 4-year-old Jack with his golden curls and his contagious bright smile. He’s my buddy and he melts my heart. Three-year-old Ava was next. She’s my little redhead, absolutely hilarious, and oh-so-loving.           

Then I saw the 2-year-old twins, Eden and Ethan. They are both so adorable. Ethan is his daddy made over again, and I love having a second chance to enjoy that. Eden gives the best hugs in the world and makes me laugh. And, finally, there was baby Nolan, oh-so-lovable with his rosy cheeks and dimpled smiles.  

I wiped tears away that day as I literally counted my blessings. I can never thank God enough for being so good to me and for the gift of my family.

Have you thanked Him for your family today? Have you taken time to thank Him for the other gifts He’s given to you? Today as you enjoy football games and plates heaped high with turkey and all the trimmings, stop and look around you.

Start counting your blessings, and I think you’ll be blown away by how good God’s been to you–just like I was this week on the bike trail.

 I will praise You with my whole heart.  (Psalm 138:1)

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