Family Photos

Family Photos

On National Siblings Day, we asked our Facebook fans to share family photos. We've collected a few favorites and hope these pictures bring back fond family memories.

  • Beth with two of her siblings, ca. 1959.

    Family Picture

     Me with two of my siblings, ca. 1959—Beth Thompson

  • Carol K. Dauer with her older brother

    Big Brother

    My older brother was always my hero, whether he was helping me look for Santa Claus and his sleigh in the sky, or retrieving my toy airplane from the roof. He served 22 years in the U. S. Army and passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 82. He's still my hero and I miss him.—Carol K. Dauer

  • Carol Tanet's father and his siblings

    Christmas Gifts

    My Dad and his siblings, with their only Christmas gifts.—Carol Tanet

  • Jessica Reed with her older brother

    Brotherly Love

    Dressing alike, even though we are two years apart, and looking up to him for what to do, even during photos.—Jessica Reed

  • Kathleen LaBrake Ames and her siblings

    First Day of School

    Our first day headed to Catholic school—I'm the youngest girl. Mom drove us to and from school every day that year (7 miles there, 7 back) because our busing request wasn't in on time.—Kathleen LaBrake Ames

  • Linda Earl and her siblings

    Visiting Santa

    Love you all!—Linda Earl

  • Lisa Honeycutt Johnson and her sibings in 1962

    Happy Days

    Photo from 1962, there's me, Larry, Lori and Jeff. Just thinking how much simpler life was then.—Lisa Honeycutt Johnson

  • Lunette Shealy Murrill's younger sister

    Little Sister

    My sister, who is five years younger than me. This was taken by a photographer who came to our home in Tulsa and took several photos of me and her. I have one of me in a wagon pulled by a goat! And also some with the beagle puppies my Dad raised. My Mom made our dresses just alike! We had some dresses made from flour sacks!—Lunette Shealy Murrill

  • Marcia Jines and her siblings atop an elephant

    Elephant Ride

    My younger brother (Lynn Leininger), my younger sister (Kristen Zickgraf) and me! We had a wonderful childhood, thanks to our loving parents! —Marcia Jines

  • Susan Jenks Matthews and his siblings in matching pajamas

    Growing Family

    Matching jammies :) . I'm the baby and the only girl.—Susan Jenks Matthews

  • Susan and her older brother, ca. 1955

    Camera Ready

    My brother and I in about 1955.—Susan Summa

  • Teresa Peacher Mele's father and his brother

    Father and Brother

    My dad and his younger brother.—Teresa Peacher Mele

  • Wanda Clemmens with her two brothers

    Beloved Brothers

    A time when our imaginations and playing outside were our main forms of entertainment. Both brothers are now deceased, but this photo brings back lots of memories.—Wanda Clemmens


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