Family Problems

Jean (center, in black) and her whole family volunteer at the community Thanksgiving buffet.

This Family Gives Thanks by Giving Back

A newly divorced mom and her kids, struggling with the disruption in their lives, find healing and hope by serving others at a community Thanksgiving dinner.

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Three generations of a family smile as they stand arm in arm

How to Talk with Your Family

Follow these tips to encourage communication across generations and prepare for the difficult conversations.

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From Day One, Nadja welcomed me with open arms, Mary says.

Could She Share a Home with Her Mother-in-Law?

She had four kids and a husband. How could she also manage her sweet but intrusive mother-in-law?

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A family of three generations resides together

Strong Families: 5 Tips for Multigenerational Living

Three generations living under one roof is an arrangement that presents challenges. Here are some tips to help you navigate what can be a touchy situation.

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Guideposts: Laura, husband Steve, son Tommy and mother Patricia make a good team.

Falling Back on Family

She was going to be laid up for six weeks with a sprained ankle. How would her family cope without her?

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Guideposts: Grandparents, parents and kids all gather to smile for the camera.

Share the Care: 7 Tips for Multigenerational Living

Are you caught between the needs of an aging parent and those of your children? You're not alone. Nearly half of American adults in their 40s and 50s face similar challenges. Here are some tips for navigating a difficult situation.

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Patricia Raybon and her daughter Alana

Two Faiths, One Family

Patricia Raybon and her daughter Alana, coauthors of Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace, share how they came to reconcile their religious differences.  Interviewed by Brooke Obie.

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Nancy Sandman, with her quilt wrapped around her

Pieces of Love

Learn how her late mother’s unfinished quilt healed their troubled relationship.

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Grant (left) and his father stroll together through a sun-drenched meadow.

Recovery and Reconciliation

After a tough childhood, he vowed never to talk to his father again. And he almost didn’t.

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TV and recording star Jimmy Dean

Guideposts Classics: Jimmy Dean on Forgiving the Unforgivable

In this story from May 1964, the late singer, TV personality and businessman recalls when he learned the value of forgiveness.

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David and Michelle with their children Tara, Sarah and TJ

A Reminder to Focus on Family

When a busy tech executive loses his job, he is reminded what matters most.

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An artist's rendering of a diner table with a generous tip and an angel doodle

A Burger with a Side of Forgiveness

He’d been excited to try the new café in town, but the waitress was trying his patience.

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