A Drawing Come to Life

A grandmother creates a winter wonderland for her grandsons–and herself.

Posted in , Feb 7, 2017

A grandmother's drawing comes to life.

Today’s guest blogger is Rosemary Kuhn, a frequent Guideposts contributor and author of What Do Angels Do All Day? and The Angels’ Garden.

Recently, Rosemary experienced a little wintertime “mysterious ways.” One that opened her eyes to the wonder of the season.

Here’s Rosemary’s story:  

On a recent visit with my two grandsons, they asked me to create a custom drawing that they could color in. I’m a nurse, as well as a children’s book author and illustrator, so it’s a request I get often from my grandkids.

The ideas flowed between the boys and me. We finally decided on a winter scene with both boys playing in the snow. I wouldn’t have minded a beach scene, personally! It was the middle of January, but I was ready for winter to be over already. I’d been daydreaming of escaping to Florida all month. When you’re a kid, snow is exciting. When you’re an adult? Not so much!

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The boys, though, were insistent on a winter scene. They wanted to be drawn in their snow suits “catching snowflakes” on their tongues. In addition, there was to be a snowman, bunnies and a few clouds. Their wish was my command! Taking artistic license, I also added in a giant pine tree with birds in a nest, some bunny footprints and Mr. Sun himself.

After putting the finishing touches on the poster-sized drawing, I turned it over to the boys to begin coloring. Their tongues protruded ever so slightly as they diligently applied color with true artistic zeal. Watching them work gave me such joy.

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The following day, I went to work at the elementary school where I’m a nurse. I’d been so busy that I hadn’t checked the forecast. So when I exited school at the end of the day, I gasped at what I saw outside.

Snowflakes. And all the school children standing with their faces turned skyward, tongues extended, “catching snowflakes.” It was a real-life picture of what I had drawn for my grandsons!

Suddenly winter didn’t seem that bad. In fact, looking at it through the eyes of my grandkids, it was pretty wonderful. 

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