Footsteps on the Basement Steps

A new grandparent experiences God's protection of her little granddaughter.

Posted in , Sep 2, 2014

Delace Canada with her first grandchild, Sakura.

National Grandparents Day is coming up this Sunday, so I thought I’d share a story from writer–and first-time grandmother!–Delace Canada. Last spring, she was watching her 14-month-old granddaughter, Sakura, when something truly incredible happened. Here’s her story…

I have three kids, but it wasn’t until my granddaughter, Sakura, came along that I remembered what a handful toddlers can be. They’re like magnets attracted to whatever they don’t need to touch and compelled to go wherever they don’t need to be! Especially Sakura. She’s constantly on the move and loves to explore. As a first-time grandma, I worry a lot. I want to be there for her all the time, to protect her from trouble.

Delace and her granddaughter, SakuraWell, back in April, my daughter, Ember, and Sakura moved into my house temporarily. Ember’s husband had just relocated for his job and, until they found a house, mother and daughter were staying with me. In an instant, our house took on all the unmistakable signs of a toddler. Gates on every doorway, sippy cups overflowing in the dishwasher and toys…everywhere.   

One morning, a week into their stay, Ember put Sakura down for a nap and headed off to her art class. “Now you can enjoy some quiet time, Mom,” Ember chuckled.

As soon as she left, I put in my exercise DVD, hoping to get in a workout before Sakura woke up. Just as I was about to start, though, the phone rang. By the time I’d hung up the phone, Sakura was awake. I walked down the hall to get her from her room, careful to close all the gates on my way.

I returned to the family room with Sakura in tow and turned back to my DVD. Meanwhile, Sakura circled around the room, giggling. In the background, I could hear something else. Footsteps coming up the basement staircase in the kitchen. 

“Ember?” I called out. Was she back from her class already?

There was no answer, just more footsteps. Louder this time. Someone was there, I just knew it. I pressed pause on my DVD and headed for the kitchen. And that’s when I saw it–the gate to the basement was wide open! Somehow, in my rush to get Sakura from her bedroom, I’d forgotten to check that gate.

But God hadn’t. When I peered down the basement steps, it was pitch black. No one was there.  

I scooped Sakura up in my arms, and kissed the top of her head, thankful she hadn’t wandered out of my sight. And thankful that, no matter what, someone is always watching out for her.

Has God ever gotten your attention in a strange or unusual way? Share your story below!

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