Passing Along Faith to a New Generation

A grandmother shares her joy at seeing her grandchildren baptized.

Posted in , Mar 28, 2018

Children in church

Our grandson Ethan is getting baptized Sunday night. And then, to make it even better, his cousin (our granddaughter Ava) is getting baptized the next week at her church. Two beyond-special times for our family, and a sweet answer to years of prayer for them to ask Jesus into their hearts when they were old enough to understand.

That brings to mind that wonderful verse from 3 John 1:4, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” That’s exactly how I feel.

My husband and I had many hopes and dreams for our three sons, and now we have many for our six grandchildren. We want them to grow up to be happy, to marry someone who will love them, to have a good work ethic and to do something they love. But more than anything else, we want them to serve God and to love Him.

All three of our sons are adults now and have families of their own, but I can’t tell you how much joy it gives me and my husband to see two of our sons standing in the pulpits and listening to their sermons. It makes us happy to see our other son sing at his church, building a spirit of worship for those gathered there. And best of all, it gives us great delight to see them teaching our grandchildren about God.

Those were prayers answered. Hopes fulfilled. And joy given.

As I sit and think about those who came before us, I think about my grandpa and the many others who left behind a legacy of faith for our family. The great-grandmother who prayed for her children and grandchildren as she was dying. The Civil War great-great grandfather who knew he wouldn’t live after he was injured, and he sent a letter home to his wife telling her to raise her children for the Lord. I know they would be thrilled to know their great-great-grandchildren are carrying the torch of faith on to another generation.

It’s our responsibility to pass it along faith to our children and grandchildren. It’s a responsibility we will never regret—because there truly is no greater joy than to hear that our children walk in truth.

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