Picking Apples with Grandma

Picking Apples with Grandma

An apple orchard, pumpkins, huge cabbages and a crisp fall day. What could make it better? Oh, grandkids!

  • Happy grandmother Michelle Cox recently visited an apple orchard with her grandkids.

    Family Memory-Making Time

    Perfect fall weather, delicious apples and baked goods, pumpkins and a feast for the eyes. Add in time with my grandchildren, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. 

  • A big bin of apples including Rome, cameo, pink lady and red delicious

    Big Bins of Apples

    It’s getting near the end of the apple-growing season so just a small amount of fruit was left on the trees—but the store was fully stocked with varieties like pink lady, red delicious, Rome and cameo apples.

  • The apple sorter keeps all the different kinds of apples in order.

    Apple Sorter

    And, of course, all those variety of apples had to be sorted and packed.

  • The store at the apple orchard was fully stocked not only with apples but pies, peelers, jams and jellies.

    Apples and All the Trimmings

    The store was stocked not only with bags of apples, but jams, apple peelers and a variety of other appley things. 

  • The store at the apple orchard featured giant cabbages, some weighing almost 10 pounds!

    There Was Even Cabbage–Really Big Cabbage

    I bought one of these giant cabbages for $2. Out of curiosity, I weighed it when I got home–9.4 pounds. I’d say that was a deal!

  • The bakery featured all kinds of delicious apple cookies.

    Delicious Apple Treats for the Sweet Tooth

    The bakery had apple donuts, pies, hot cider, apple dumplings and these yummy-looking cookies.

  • A pumpkin cart proved a perfect photo op for Michelle's five grandkids.

    Herding Cats, Er, Grandbabies for a Photo

    All around the apple orchard were wagons loaded with pumpkins and grandbabies. (And just for the record, trying to get five little ones to all look at the camera is like herding cats!)

  • Michelle's granddaughters Ava and Anna pose with a pile of pumpkins.

    Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

    And then there were the pumpkins! Piles and piles of pumpkins! And pumpkins with adorable little girls (my granddaughters Ava and Anna) perched on them. 

  • Michelle Cox's grandkids lined up in order of height

    Grandkid Lineup

    Again, for a precious second, all five grandkids were lined up for a photo.

  • Nolan stands tall at the measuring stick at the apple orchard.

    Nolan Takes Measure

    And this was a reminder of the importance of taking time to make some memories, because our sweet Nolan (look for him on the lower right) will be much different when we take our visit to the apple orchard next year. 

  • At the end of the day at the apple orchard, apple dumplings for the grandkids.

    Never Skip Dessert

    At the end of a blessed day with the grandkids, it's time for apple dumplings with Nolan, Anna, and Ava. I hope you’ve enjoyed our trip to the apple orchard. Take time to make some memories with your family. You’ll be glad you did!


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