Simple Joys of Time with Family

After a whirlwind trip, a grandmother returns home tired but with a heart brimming with blessings.

Posted in , Aug 25, 2017

Simple joy of family time

My husband and I made a whirlwind trip to Florida this week. It was a 10-hour drive each way, and we were only there for a long weekend, but it was worth it to spend time with family and to celebrate our grandson’s birthday.

I arrived home tired but with a full heart. Our grandbabies range from almost 8 to 3 years old. I know the day will come when they’ll be too old to greet me with excited shouts of “Grandmama!” But for now, I’m loving the feeling of little arms clamped around my neck and heads tucked in close for hugs.

I love still-snuggly-from-sleep little ones crawling in bed with me in the mornings for some cuddle time and then gathering there again to read before bedtime. That’s one of my favorite things ever.

While in Florida, I soaked up the moments of our time on the beach, watching the little ones play and splashing in the water with them. And I enjoyed the sweetness of watching my adult children enjoy their children, making memories to last a lifetime.

It melts my heart how the cousins love each other. Their joy at being together is evident in every moment and every picture. I think they squeeze each moment as much as I do.

My husband Paul and I love sitting with our sons and daughters-in-law at night after the children have gone to bed, talking about what’s going on in their lives, about God and about their babies. That time together is extra precious now that they’re all grown and gone. I cherish those moments when we’re all under one roof.

Simple days filled with life, love and laughter. Each moment is a blessing from a loving God who wove our lives together—and a reminder that family is one of God’s best gifts ever. 

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