Twins Are Twice the Blessing

Michelle Cox's twin grandchildren are reminders that God can answer your prayers beyond what you've asked and double your blessings

Posted in , Aug 6, 2015

Michelle Cox's Twin grandchildren Eden and Ethan

Did you know that August 7-9 is the Twins Days Festival? I imagine that folks in Twinsburg, Ohio (which hosts the largest annual gathering of twins in the world), will think they’re seeing double a lot this weekend. I’d heard of this festival years ago, but it caught my attention now because Paul and I have two of the cutest twin grandbabies you’ve ever seen. I mean, seriously adorable. Not that we’re biased or anything!

I’ll never forget that oh-so-amazing first glimpse of Eden and Ethan in the womb. The ultrasound image was a tangle of little bodies and tiny arms and legs, a sight only God had seen before. As with the birth of all children, we knew we were looking at a miracle, but in our case an even bigger miracle than normal.

You see, we’d prayed for seven long years for a child for our oldest son and daughter-in-law. We were thrilled beyond words when God finally answered those prayers with the birth of our sweet Anna. And now just a few years later, He was sending babies two at a time—double the blessing—filling every bedroom in that home with a child.

As newborns, Eden and Ethan were beyond precious as they cuddled close together in the crib. Each of them was adorable as an individual, but with the two of them together, the cuteness quotient was off the charts.

The dynamic duo have reached the age of three now, and oh my, how those sweet little ones have filled our lives with love and laughter. Edie squeals with excitement whenever she sees me and runs to me as fast as she can to get a hug. Yeah, that melts my heart. Watching Ethan brings tears to my eyes. He’s so much like his daddy was as a little boy that it’s like we’re getting to watch him grow up all over again. Priceless moments from a God who loves us.           

We won’t be at the Twins Day festival this weekend, but on every day of our lives, we will thank God for the day He blessed our family with twins—our unexpected answer to prayer.

I’m so grateful for the gift of Eden and Ethan, and for a God who sometimes answers with more than we ever hoped for or dreamed about. What prayers do you need Him to answer for you today? Just as we learned with the gift of our precious twins, don’t be surprised if He sends you double the blessings that you ask for today.         

Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think . . . Ephesians 3:20

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