When It’s Time to Pause and Play

For a busy grandmother on deadline, it’s important to set aside work for a bit and let her young granddaughter crown her queen for a day.

Posted in , Jul 14, 2017

Queen for a day

I almost missed an opportunity to be queen for the day. My little granddaughter, Ava, had come to spend the afternoon with me. I’d warned her that Grandmama wouldn’t have much time to play since I’m on a super tight deadline for a book.

Ava colored some princess pictures while I wrote. She curled up on the couch (with the heating pad–one of her favorite things at my house) and watched an animated movie, pausing from time to time to come talk to me or to get a snack or drink. We both stopped long enough for a picnic on the deck. I’d been back to work for just a little while when she walked and looked at me with such a precious pleading expression and said, “Grandmama, can you come play with me in the toy room for a little while?”

With the clock ticking for my deadline, there was no way I really had time to do that, but I can’t resist my grandbabies, so I shut the computer down, took her by the hand, and we walked upstairs to play.

That’s when I became a queen. A jeweled crown was placed on my head while royal music played in the background. My new role as “Queen Michelle” was announced as a bell rang. A purple-feathered boa was flung around my neck. I was told about the royal feast that would take place that evening and that Jason Crabb (a Grammy-Winning Southern Gospel musician) would provide the entertainment.

I sat there and enjoyed her imagination and her sunshine personality, soaking in the sweetness of our moments together—I was so glad I’d taken the time to be with her.

My days are super busy, and time is one of my most precious commodities. I think of it like a bank account, and I get to decide how to spend it. When the final accounting is done at the end of my life, I hope it’s evident that I spent it on God, family and good work. I hope that I’ll have touched hearts and lives for Him, and that I will have left behind plenty of cherished memories for those I love.

All of us receive a pre-set bank account of days for our lives. God says it best in Psalm 90:12, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

Friends, let’s spend our minutes wisely, but if you get the chance to be queen for a day, I highly recommend it!

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