Why the Wait Is Worth It

Don’t rush God when you’re impatient for something to happen. His timing is always perfect.

Posted in , Jun 22, 2018

Opening a present

My little grandson Nolan, just turned four last week. He loves playing with cars. Loves it! He even sleeps with cars in his hands. So I knew he’d be excited about the Cars racetrack that my husband and I bought him for his birthday. 

I talked to Nolan the day I bought his gift and told him that Grandmama had something he was really going to like. For the week and a half after that, it was all he could do to wait. He peppered me with questions about what it was. He asked if it was big. He guessed what it was over and over. And I gave him outlandish suggestions that it must be a bowling ball or ironing board. His eyes sparkled as he’d say, “Grandmama, it’s not that!”

The day of his party arrived and as folks gathered at Nolan’s house, the pile of presents got bigger and bigger. Nolan came to where I was sitting in the kitchen and said, “Grandmama, did you bring my present?” I told him I did, and we walked into the living room so I could show the wrapped box to him. It was almost as big as he was.

A few minutes later, I heard a grunting sound and when I looked, he was trying to lug the heavy box into the kitchen. He looked up at me with pleading eyes and said, “Can I open it now?” I told him he’d have to wait just a little bit longer until after everyone ate.

He had such a hard time waiting, but when his mama said it was time to open presents, Nolan tore into that big box and discovered that it was worth the wait. 

Friends, it’s sometimes the same way in our lives. God promises us that He’s going to do something for us and when it doesn’t arrive immediately, we’re just like little Nolan. “How long do I have to wait? When’s it coming, God?”

And then when it still doesn’t arrive, we get impatient. “God, you promised. Why hasn’t it arrived yet?” But just as Nolan learned, it’s worth the wait.

I’ve learned from experience that God’s timing is always perfect—even when it’s not on my timeline. I’ve tried to rush Him and discovered that His timing was always better because the waiting period was always for a reason.

Are you tired of waiting today? Trust God and don’t rush Him—because He knows exactly when the perfect time will be to bring His plan to fruition. 

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