Fishing with grandkid

Gone Fishing with the Grandkids

A hobby that allows time for grandparents to build memories and offer life lessons

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Why a Change of Plan Can Be a Blessing

Why a Change of Plan Can Be a Blessing

Life is full of upheaval from jobs to health to family, but God’s love never wavers.

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Busy mom

Make Time for What Matters

We’re all busy. But, today, do you have time for family and time for God? Yes.

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Looking for Jesus.

Searching for Jesus in a Crowd

If you keep looking, you’ll find Him. He's there.

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A grandmother's drawing comes to life.

A Drawing Come to Life

A grandmother creates a winter wonderland for her grandsons–and herself.

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Bible verses about love

How to Get the Love We Crave

4 Bible verses about God’s unending supply of love for us

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A grandmother's sweetest gift

A Grandmother's Sweetest Gift

When it comes to a legacy, a grandmother knows her faith will be her grandchildren's greatest treasure.

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A grandmother learns a lesson about God from her grandson.

I’m Not Smarter Than God

A young grandson opens up thoughts about wisdom and what God says about it.

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Make your spiritual Christmas list.

Make Your Spiritual Christmas List

Ask God for what you really need or want, including how would it best serve Him?

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Grammie at 90 surrounded by her grandchildren. Photo courtesy Rick Hamlin.

A Grandmother’s Secret to Turning 90

As a beloved “Grammie” celebrates her 90th birthday, a closer look at a life full love, family and curiosity.

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passing down faith

Passing the Faith from Generation to Generation

As a grandmother, it gives me great joy to sit in church with my grandchildren, to see the torch of faith handed down to them. 

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How to Have Joy: A Lesson from Grandkids

When’s the last time that we slowed down long enough to find small moments of joy, like children do?

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Grandparents Day

How Grandkids Help You Stay Healthy

 A new study shows why spending time with grandkids is good for your health.

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How we inherit strength and inspiration from our ancestors

Finding Inspiration Through Our Ancestors

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman learns to be inspired by his ancestors’ struggles.

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