Michelle Cox's Twin grandchildren Eden and Ethan

Twins Are Twice the Blessing

Michelle Cox's twin grandchildren are reminders that God can answer your prayers beyond what you've asked and double your blessings

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A grandfather's encouragement.

A Grandfather's Encouragement

"Gramps" was a tireless promoter of all six of his grandchildren–even if it required a letter to the school principal.

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Michelle's granddaughter, Anna, loves to encourage others to come to church.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

One of my constant prayers for my grandbabies is that they will always have tender hearts for God.

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Who I am in Christ, a soul's identity.

Who I Am in Christ

A grandmother's long-ago words comfort the soul of a grown woman.

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Father's Day memories

On Father's Day: Celebrating Charles Clifford Peale

A great-grandfather's life ministry of healing and nurturing shapes generatons of Peales

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Woman contemplating nature, making time for God.

I Miss You, God

There’s something inside me that craves that intimate one-on-one time with God

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God is Our Refuge

God is Our Refuge

A baby grandson's emergency trip to the hospital includes Divine comfort.

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A baby standing. Photo: Thinkstock.

Standing on the Promises

When life feels wobbly, remember to hold on to God and stand on the promises that He's made.  

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Basketball players in prayer after a game. Photo by Michelle Cox.

Trust God Will Be There for You

When life gets rough, there's no question who is going to show up.

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Michelle's passel of grandchildren!

It’s Our Delight

As grandparents dote on the needs of their grandchildren, so God dotes on you!

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Grandparent holding a grandchild's hand. Photo by K. Huni, Thinkstock.

Christmas Past

Missing grandparents, but knowing the family will all be together again.

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A Christmas cradle. Photo by Rolf Aasa, Thinkstock.

The Christmas Cradle

A father's special gift to the mother of 5 sons.

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Cameron writes out his Christmas cards.

Mimi Loves Me

A little boy who knows he's precious beyond words to someone.

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Super hero figurines bow before the Christ child.

Power Manger

Did her grandsons really understand the meaning of the Nativity?

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