Kristin Chenoweth: A Mother's Day Message to Moms Everywhere

The acclaimed actress-singer discusses her third appearance on the cover of Guideposts, offers a thank-you to mothers everywhere, and talks about her favorite Mother's Day tradition.

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Hi everybody! It's Kristin Chenoweth here, and I'm so excited to be at my cover shoot for Guideposts magazine. This'll be my third time, and it is my favorite.

I grew up with Guideposts magazine; it is so good to be back. My mom and my grandma—it was a staple in their house. I loved reading all the articles and I'm still so honored to even be asked to be in it.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there—especially to mine, Junie Chenoweth. I want to tell you that you've been an inspiration to me. The main thing that you gave me my whole life was not to always lead with what's outside, but to lead with what's on the inside, and I think that was a great gift you gave me.

It's always in my head still: Lead with your heart. Looks go away, but what's inside doesn't. Thanks, Mom.

I like to change it up on Mother's Day, but one thing that, I think, over the years I've always done is I've always just sent her flowers. As you can see (points behind her), I love flowers myself. I think no mattter where I'm at in the world, she always get something from me like that on Mother's Day, and it makes her smile. 

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