Military Families

Military families are strong as steel, grounded in a commitment to service, sacrifice, and pride. However, living in a military family can be challenging, between frequent moves and anxieties over safety during deployments. Face military family issues by reaching out for support, and staying connected to what makes your family's foundation so solid.

U.S. Marine

5 Hats a Military Family Must Wear

In military slang, a cap is a "cover." Here are some that loved ones of the enlisted should get comfortable wearing.

U.S. Navy

Honoring the Navy’s Birthday

How to reach out to members of all our military to show appreciation

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Boy on a roller coaster

Safe In His Father’s Arms

A spiritual realization while watching a little boy ride a roller coaster for the first time.

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Financial planning for military families

5 Ways Military Families Can Get Smart About Finances

When it comes to financial planning, there are special programs that offer benefits.

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4 things a military mom should avoid

4 Things a Military Mom Should Avoid

Sometimes skirting certain situations can help you stay strong and hopeful.

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The flag of the U.S. Marines

Learning to Embrace Change in a New Season

A military mom admires her son's transition from recruit to full-fledged U.S. Marine.

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Call for help

A Military Family Calls in Reinforcements

Sometimes, in the middle of a spiritual war zone, you need to pick up the phone for help.

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How to support a military spouse

Challenges of a Military Spouse

Whether their loved one is on active duty, in the reserves or deployed, the spouse at home needs special consideration, too.

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Feeding a son returning from military deployment

Feeding My Son

A military mom better understands God’s generosity as she welcomes home her deployed son.

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Embrace Patience

An impatient military mom shares how learning to wait brought her closer to God.

Working parent

On Working Parents Day, Don’t Forget Military Families

How you can help parents in your community who also serve in the military or the reserves.

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Proud military family

Beyond Fear–Finding Pride and Peace

Military moms experience a wave of emotions when their children enlist. Here are a few.

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Marine saluting flag

Feeling God’s Love on 9/11

A military mom remembers a day that changed her family’s life.

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Parents of a soldier

How a Military Mom Learned to Trust God

When a son enlists, a mother’s urge to be in control is challenged.

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