Military Families

Features About Military Families

Learning about a positive attitude from a military son.

The Best Attitude for Tough Times

A military mom is inspired by her son when it comes to weathering harsh circumstances.

Is there a military family in your community?

3 Ways to Help a Military Family

We may not know that someone has a loved one serving. Here’s why it’s important to find out.

Becoming a spiritual athlete.

Becoming a Spiritual Athlete

Like a soldier in training, we all have a race to run for God.

Celebrating camo green on Valentine's Day

10 Reasons to Love Our Military

In this season of Valentine’s red and pink, some military green

Finding more light and connection with God in short cold days of winter.

Finding Spiritual Sunshine

Through the short, dark days of winter, ways of finding more light and connection with God.

5 ways to fight negativity

How to Be More Positive

By filling up on the good stuff, there’s less room for the negative.

Spiritual nourishment from the Bible

How to Get Spiritual Nourishment

There’s no substitute for the real thing.

Bringing compassion to disagreements

Bringing Compassion to Disagreements

Do my words reflect the love Jesus wants for all of us?

How a power outage blessed a family

An Inconvenience and a Blessing

A snowstorm and power outage deliver the gift of family time.

5 spiritual tools a military mom uses to fight despair.

5 Spiritual Tools to Keep Your Spirits Up

A military mom shares ways to beat back despair in dark times.