Military Families

Military families are strong as steel, grounded in a commitment to service, sacrifice, and pride. However, living in a military family can be challenging, between frequent moves and anxieties over safety during deployments. Face military family issues by reaching out for support, and staying connected to what makes your family's foundation so solid.

Lessons from a traffic jam

Lessons from a Traffic Jam

For an impatient military mom, nothing’s worse than being stuck in traffic–or is it?

Boot camp

First Day of School, First Day of Boot Camp

A military mom divulges the most important things a mother can offer when a child heads off on a new journey.

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How to look at life through a spiritual lens

What Lens Are You Using to Look at Life?

A military mom learns how life can be viewed through a purely personal lens or a spiritual one–and which is more helpful.

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3 things to know about military culture

3 Things You Should Know About Military Culture

Understanding these attributes will help you better connect with the military personnel in your life.

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The sisterhood of military moms.

The Sisterhood of Military Moms

A heartfelt salute to a community of moms who support one another through thick and thin.

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Reach out to others when you're under stress.

Don’t Face Stress Alone

When life becomes overwhelming, it’s important to reach out to others.

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Facing fear at the beach

Facing Fear to Find Calm Waters

A day at the beach reminds a military mom how she found peace after her son was deployed.

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6 Ways a Military Mom Moved On

6 Ways a Military Mom Moved On

A military mom learns that she can’t control everything in life after her son enlists.

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The Simple Things That Bring Us Joy

The Simple Things That Bring Us Joy

National Sour Candy Day brings up sweet memories for a military mom.

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How worried military families can find inner peace.

5 Ways Worried Military Families Can Find Peace

These attitude-changing tips can make all the difference for those who have loved ones in harm’s way.

How to let God work through you.

Keeping a Clean Heart and Spirit

If your spiritual life gets bogged down, all you have to do is ask for help.

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A military mom prepares for her son's enlistment

A Military Mom in Training

Watching her son prepare for enlistment inspires a mother to do the same.

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When the perfect moment doesn't matter

When the Perfect Moment Doesn’t Matter

A military mom learns not to get rattled by life’s interruptions and forge ahead.

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8 lessons learned by a military mom

8 Lessons Learned by a Military Mom

What a parent discovers after her son enlists in the Marines

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