Military Families

Military families are strong as steel, grounded in a commitment to service, sacrifice, and pride. However, living in a military family can be challenging, between frequent moves and anxieties over safety during deployments. Face military family issues by reaching out for support, and staying connected to what makes your family's foundation so solid.

Corey Kent

A Smart Home Helps an Injured Vet's Fatherhood Dreams Come True

When Corey Kent lost both his legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, he thought he'd never be an active dad. This smart home changes everything. 

A father and his military son.

7 Reasons Military Dads Are Special

A military mom shares some insights on another subject she knows a lot about–military dads.

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Writing a note is an act of kindness

How Kindness Can Save a Life

A military mom remembers how a simple prayer and written note eased her torment.

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Flag day

A Military Mom on Flag Day

Honoring those military heroes who have sacrificed for their country and spiritual heroes as well.

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A dog helps a veteran with PTSD.

How a Dog Helped a Military Veteran Heal

A golden retriever leads the way out of the suffering from PTSD.

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Coping with a military deployment

A Blessing in the Making

A military family and friends pull together during the worries over a deployment–and find grace.

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Focus on family this summer.

Focus on Family This Summer

In a military family, it's especially important to take the time to connect with your kids and each other.

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Fining forgotten military heroes in your family

Finding Forgotten Military Heroes in the Family

This Memorial Day, don’t overlook those close to you who have served their country.

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Called to serve in the military.

When God Calls You to a Task

Being in the middle of God’s will doesn’t exempt us from struggle or difficulty. But you’re never alone.

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U.S flag

The Lasting Effect of Military Service

For the families of those who serve, the pride and sacrifice are felt forever.

Simplify your to do list.

How to Simplify Your ‘To Do’ List

When you say “yes” to everything, what’s important takes a back seat. Some thoughts on time management, learned from the military.

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A military mom returns home after deployment.

How Faith Keeps Hope Alive

Military families know that hope takes work and perseverance, especially when a loved one is deployed.

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A military mom's faith overcomes doubt.

Letting Joy Defeat Dread

During her son’s last weeks of deployment, an anxious military mom learns to let her faith take charge.

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Appreciating military spouses.

Appreciating Military Spouses

They aren’t on the front lines, but they are the backbone of our military and deserve all the recognition and gratitude we can give.

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