A Change of Heart, a Change of Season

A military mom finds spiritual solace and warmth while weathering her son's deployment.

Posted in , Mar 1, 2018

Spring flowers

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. (Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV)

Here in the Carolinas, spring is pushing through the cold and slowly changing the world. It’s a relief. We’ve had colder temperatures than normal and a good bit more snow.

Sometimes winter weather can lead to cozy fires and warm gatherings of friends. At other times, the freezing temperatures can make time itself seem to slow down, almost as if the seconds are too cold to move at their regular pace. The days are longer, but drearier, and the nights seem to last for weeks. It’s not that time really has slowed down; it’s just our perception because of our circumstances.

I’ve had this winter slowdown also happen to me in other seasons of my life. 

During our son’s deployments, life seemed a bit chillier. Without the warmth of his presence, my heart felt like it had grown icicles. The first time this happened it caught me by surprise. I immediately tried to bring back the warmth by filling my days with busyness. No matter how much I piled onto my to-do list, it didn’t help.

What did was slowing down and making room in my life for time with God and His people. I found comfort when I metaphorically pulled up a chair for fireside chats with my Heavenly Father. When I drew near to Him by reading the Bible, the flames of His love began to thaw the chill in my heart. I read of His faithfulness through the ages, not just to individuals but to those who were loved by them. I could see—over and over again—God’s provision in difficult times.

I searched out friends who could help keep me focused on the fact that God was with my son and loved him even more than I did. Our gatherings were filled with laughter, shared memories, prayer and love.

These two things helped a feeling of spring push through my inner dreariness at my son’s deployment and make room for the thaw.

To everything there is a season—even the return of spring after a difficult winter. Until that happens, draw close to the fire of God’s love. Let Him warm your heart.

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