A Military Mom on Flag Day

Honoring those military heroes who have sacrificed for their country and spiritual heroes as well.

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Flag day

June 14 is Flag Day. As a military mom, I get misty-eyed every time I gaze at our red, white and blue symbol. I think about my son and all the sacrifices he made to defend it. He was still a teenager when he enlisted, yet he was willing to take that step for a cause he believed in.

Seeing our flag also brings to mind those who’ve sacrificed in the past. I had uncles who fought in Vietnam and in World War II, and even more ancestors who fought in wars long past.

Finally, this flag also reminds me of those who’ve paid the ultimate price and lost their lives in the defense of our precious nation.

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A waving flag brings forth images of young men in fatigues and helmets, families getting in one last precious hug before sending a loved one away on deployment, and row upon row of white crosses commemorating those who never came home.

As I ponder the flag this season, I think of another banner—the banner of Christ. These days it’s more often a metaphorical symbol than a tangible one (although there is a Christian flag).

But every day we reach out with the love of God, we’re representing Christ. We’re proclaiming God’s ultimate love to the world. In years past, many have sacrificed to represent this ideal as well. And many have paid the ultimate price.

Honoring God’s statutes is our way of serving. So this week, take time to think about what our red, white and blue symbol stands for, and never forget that we also carry with us God’s banner when we love like He loves. 

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