Faith by Candlelight

A military mom remembers a stormy night when darkness engulfed her family except for one, small light.

Posted in , Mar 15, 2018

Faith by candlelight

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  (John 1:5, ESV) 

What does a candle have to do with faith? In my life, quite a lot.

One spring day years ago, the weather had been overcast and threatening. As evening approached, the wind began to pick up, shaking the trees. A steady patter of rain danced on the roof. Then the rumble of thunder and lightning punctuated the growing darkness.

I wasn’t alarmed; storms didn’t usually make it to the severe level, even during spring. But this storm proved to be different. As the weather worsened, we lost cable. Then the lights flickered and disappeared. Our two youngest sons rocketed downstairs. It was still too early to go to bed, so we declared it family game night.

We missed the company of our oldest since he was away on deployment but passed a cozy evening playing games by candlelight. We made some new memories and discussed how we’d share that adventure with him by letter.

The storm finally passed but still no lights. Prayers were said, and we all settled in for a good night’s sleep. As I lay in the dark, discussing the day with God, He gave me an analogy. He suggested that perhaps faith in these difficult times of deployment and war was a lot like being forced to rely on candlelight. Everything takes a little more effort, but the memories can still be precious and the joy still full.

Darkness sometimes seems to surround us, but as long as we have that inward flame of faith, nothing can hurt us. I slept peacefully on those thoughts, and the next day the lights returned. But I have never looked at the light of candle in quite the same way. 

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