Focus on Family This Summer

In a military family, it's especially important to take the time to connect with your kids and each other.

Posted in , Jun 2, 2017

Focus on family this summer.

School is nearing its close, and summer is just around the corner. With longer days, kids at home and great weather ahead, we have the opportunity to focus on family. For those of us with a loved one in the military, these family times become vital opportunities for connection. When we walk away from the hectic schedule that is everyone’s normal and choose to spend time with those we love, the payoff can last for years.

To make these special times happen takes planning and ingenuity. Life in the military doesn’t leave a lot of disposable income. Fortunately big budgets aren’t a requirement to spend quality time together.

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Growing up, my fondest family memories didn’t come with the higher-priced amusements my parents occasionally planned. Instead the most precious times included the evenings spent at a drive-in movie—with popcorn and sodas brought from home. That special summer when my dad made a kite from scratch and spent several evenings flying it with us. Then there were the road trips. We didn’t stay in fancy hotels, but we camped together as a family, grilling food over a campfire and trying to count the stars. 

I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.

We can build the same kind of memories with our kids when we’re purposeful about blocking out time and planning. Beyond that, military families qualify for lots of discounts—locally and nationally. They’re in place because your grateful country appreciates the sacrifice you make to keep us safe.

So spend some time now investigating all the things you can do locally and begin building your own lifetime of memories.

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