How Faith Keeps Hope Alive

Military families know that hope takes work and perseverance, especially when a loved one is deployed.

Posted in , May 16, 2017

A military mom returns home after deployment.

I love spring—not just for the new growth exploding into view—but for the determination it takes for color to re-emerge from a long winter. This year the weather has been tough on our flowers and trees. We had an early spring with several weeks of warm weather followed by a cold snap.

Plants that had budded and bloomed froze. Finally spring came back for good. Imagine my delight as I walked out early one morning to see once frozen bushes bursting with color.

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This is often what military families face during deployment. We think a loved one will return by a certain date, only to have that date delayed. It’s our emotional “late spring freeze.” But eventually spring arrives when our loved one comes home. 

Hope takes work and perseverance. It requires fortitude to stay strong, even when we’re submerged in the iciness of disappointment. When we stay focused on the sun, and the warmth of God’s promises, we can fight our way past any obstacle and bloom no matter the weather.

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