How to Support Silver Star Families

Military veterans wounded in a war zone and their families need our help.

Posted in , May 5, 2017

Remembering those wounded in war

Many of us are familiar with the Blue Star banner that symbolizes a family member serving in the military. And some of us know that a Gold Star banner represents a family member who has died while serving. But few know about the Silver Star banner.

This banner represents those wounded and suffering from injuries or illnesses originating in a war zone. This all-encompassing designation includes, but isn’t limited to PTS (post-traumatic stress), Agent Orange effects and even Gulf War Syndrome.

The Silver Star Families of America (SSFOA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to honoring our wounded heroes. They not only supply banners of recognition but support veterans and active duty service personnel through a letter writing team, a Silver Star Banner Day Committee, fundraising committee, advisory board, Veteran Affairs Committee, Chaplain's Hospice Program, food cards for military homeless and Games for Therapy Program.

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SSFOA also honors those who have assisted the wounded, ill and dying with their certificate program. They honor military working dogs, Merchant Marines, medics and those who assist them in any way via a Thank You Foundation.

So often the effects from injuries sustained in a conflict last a lifetime. These families need our help for a lifetime, not just a few short months. Join me in supporting our injured veterans.

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