On Working Parents Day, Don’t Forget Military Families

How you can help parents in your community who also serve in the military or the reserves.

Posted in , Sep 14, 2017

Working parent

National Working Parents Day (September 16) was set aside to commemorate the hard work of parenting while working full-time. In light of that, I’d like to honor a specific type of working parents—those who also serve in our military

Whether they’re full-time military or part of our reserves, these parents—along with their families—deserve some recognition for doing double duty.

In our community (even though we don’t live near a military base) we have numerous families where one of the parents serves in the U.S. Army Reserve. These hard-working folks don’t just hold down a career like everyone else, they’ve also agreed to take on additional training responsibilities so they can be on call when the need arises.

I feel so encouraged when I read the Daily Guideposts’ Devotionals. I love looking for ways to share these tidbits of faith with others. Thank you Guideposts, for sharing God’s love with more people than we can ever know!

-Rhonda V, Diamondhead, Mississippi

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We’ve seen their valuable contributions through the years in war zones and here at home when disaster strikes. Just recently, many have been mobilized to help with the chaos left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Our faith community does its best to support these families when a parent is called to duty. We step in to help with carpool, sporting events and other extra-curricular activities that often require two parents to handle.

I encourage you to use this holiday to thank those who are in your community. Send them a card, offer to help when times get tough and generally recognize the sacrifice they’re willing to make.

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