The Healing Power of Music

When her son was deployed and in danger, a military mom re-discovered the comfort and inspiration of music.

Posted in , Apr 26, 2018

Listening to music

But you are holy, you who inhabit the praises of Israel (Psalm 22:3, WEB)

My father was a classically trained musician. He spent years in the Dallas Symphony and as a music professor at our local university. Growing up, I knew the power of music to uplift and inspire. But it wasn’t until I began to walk more closely with God that I experienced it firsthand. 

I had been a fan of praise and worship music for several years. I kept my car radio on our local Christian station and even attended a concert or two. But until our son joined the military, I hadn’t actually used it as part of my personal time with God.

After he enlisted, I got a lot more serious about my conversations with God. I spent more time reading the Bible and asking God to watch over him. Then one day—while he was deployed to the Middle East—chaos struck. He had managed to get word to us that he was going to be in a dangerous situation for a few days and might not be able to contact us…and that we shouldn’t worry if we didn’t hear from him.

Yeah, right. 

I was glad he let us know because I could pray specifically for him and let our friends and family know how to pray. But I wasn’t glad because my “what-if” worries went into overdrive. I envisioned every possible catastrophe.

Finally, at wit’s end from lack of sleep, I turned on the local Christian station and cranked up the volume. Beyond that, I joined in on the songs I knew. I was familiar with the verse that told me God inhabits the praise of His people, and I needed a big dose of God in the midst of this trial.

Sure enough, God is true to His word. All that day and into the next—whenever I was awake—I kept on the music. The change in my mood and my focus was dramatic. I went from a quivering mass of concern to a woman at peace and certain that God was more than able to keep my son safe. 

It was during Walk By Faith by Jeremy Camp that the phone call from our son came, assuring us the danger had passed, and he was fine.

I’ve never forgotten the lessons of that time. Even to this day, when I realize I’m struggling to find God in the midst of a difficult situation, I turn on the music

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