Military Families

Learning to accept moving

Being Thankful for the Here and Now

A military mom learns how to see the positive aspects of having to move frequently.

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Faith by candlelight

Faith by Candlelight

A military mom remembers a stormy night when darkness engulfed her family except for one, small light.

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K9 veterans, dogs who serve in the military

Salute Our Military Working Dogs

National K9 Veterans Day offers a chance to support our canine heroes.

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Turning hurt into love

Turning Hurt into Love

Instead of lashing out when someone close to you is treated unfairly, seek out a deeper, wider justice.

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How to limit distractions

3 Ways to Limit Distractions During Dangerous Times

For military families, life can lead to times of chaos. Here’s how to navigate them safely.

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Spring flowers

A Change of Heart, a Change of Season

A military mom finds spiritual solace and warmth while weathering her son's deployment.

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Speak words of affirmation to military families.

Words of Affirmation for Our Military Families

As believers, we’re called to speak love and life to families who face the particular challenges of military life.

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Celebrating life's imperfections

Celebrating an Imperfect Life

Every imperfect part of life becomes something precious when sifted through God’s loving fingers.

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3 ways military families can cope with change

3 Ways to Cultivate Resilience

In military families, it’s important to be able to bend, not break, when change comes.

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Acts of kindness

Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness

Behind those seemingly small gestures of help and good will from others lies a more powerful force.

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Military and Valentine's Day

When Valentine’s Day Arrived in a Combat Zone

In a place of danger, a box of cards and candy transformed these soldiers’ day.

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Family baking

Working Hand-in-Hand with God

Baking together as a family offers ways to bond as well as bless others with the goodies from your kitchen.

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Trying to see too far ahead?

When You're Struggling to See Too Far Ahead

Sometimes it's the things close by that God wants us to notice.

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Military chaplain

Four Chaplains Day—A Reminder That Bravery Surrounds Us

The self-sacrifice of four U.S. Army chaplains during World War II is remembered today.

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