Military Families

Military chaplain

Four Chaplains Day—A Reminder That Bravery Surrounds Us

The self-sacrifice of four U.S. Army chaplains during World War II is remembered today.

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Hearing God speak while taking a walk

In Silence, God Speaks

Feeling powerless over a deployed son's despair, a military mom goes for a walk and finds spiritual solace.

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Finding blessings in adversity

The Beginnings of a Blessing

A military mom learns that within every calamity or bump in the road lies the opportunity for hope and healing.

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A Military Mom Learns to Listen with Love

If someone in your family is serving and you run into a critic of the military, here's how to come from a positive place.

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Family time

The Joy of Wasting Time

A military mom remembers that some of the best moments in family life come unscripted.

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Military family

7 Daily Reminders for Military Families

How not to let your world fall apart when deployments loom and schedules are blown up

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Turning your worries over to God

Traveling Light—Dropping the Weight of Worry

How a military mom learned to hand the burden of anxiety over to God

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Preparing with God's help

Preparation in Partnership with God

A military mom loves to prepare but knows that she's not doing it alone.

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Blue Star Mothers of America

What Is a Blue Star Mother?

For a military mom, an organization that is a safe place and answers hard questions.

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10 New Year's resolutions for a military family

10 New Year’s Resolutions for a Military Family

Some resolutions take time to put into place. But here are quick ways you can make positive changes in your family.

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Military family

5 Things for Military Families to Remember, Even in Good Times

How not to lose your footing no matter what’s going on around you

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Finding light in the dark of winter

Finding Light During the Darkest Time of Year

A military mom struggles with a son’s deployment at Christmas before letting in God's warmth and love.

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Finding peace through pain

Finding Peace through Painful Experiences

God allows difficult—and sometimes unthinkable—things in our lives. But He doesn’t leave it there.

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Evergreen faith

The Evergreen Faith of a Military Mom

When a deployed son goes missing, faith helps steady a family's fears.

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