Rejoicing in the Season's First Snow

A whitewashed landscape renews the soul and banishes worry.

Posted in , Nov 22, 2015

Guideposts blogger Shawnelle Eliasen's son Isaiah and dog Rugby play in the season's first snow.

I wake and our world looks different. I stand at the bedroom window to take it in.

Just yesterday, our Norway maple, grand and tall and still holding her leaves, colored our home gold. Today there’s a thick cover of white. Wet, heavy snow clings to the trees and bushes and grass. It settles on the playset and patio. There are no footprints. Everything is whitewashed fresh.

The season’s first snow.

The boys have been waiting. Watching. Hoping. They’ve talked sleds and snowballs and snowmen. “Will you get carrots, Mama?” Isaiah asked in the store the day before. “Just in case?” And today there’s enough packing snow. Later, I know a snowman will stand outside the dining room window, facing inward, eyes and smile of stone.

But for now, silence slips away and the pounding begins. Little boy feet. Across the floor above me and then hammering down the old, curved stairs. I hear my sons race through the living room and kitchen. When they find me, their smiles are big and eyes are bright, and I’m reminded of the glorious joy in being a child.

“It happened!” two little boys say. “There’s enough! For sledding and a fort! Can we go out now?”

It’s Saturday and my husband, Lonny, is still a warm heap on the bed. The boys pounce up and there’s talk of coffee and snuggling, but the boys’ excitement wears my man down. There’s now a wild rush of activity. The boys shove stockinged feet into last year’s boots and root through the closet for gloves that fit but don’t match. I disappear into the closet, too, for coats and scarves.

Before long they’re covered, snow clothes over pajamas, and they charge outside. My youngest boys. Their daddy. Rugby the Labrador, who at first, looks like he’d rather curl by the fire.

And I’m watching again. I’ll join them soon, but for now, I’m stilled by God’s creation. Recent days have brought worry to my Mama heart, but today, in the simplicity of this moment, God’s Presence is powerful.

And how happy I was with the world he created; how I rejoiced with the human family! (Proverbs 8:31, NLT)

Outside, a little boy runs and tumbles and whoops for joy. He drops to his knees and forms a ball. Before long, Rugby’s inner-puppy is reborn, and he’s nudging the boys with his nose. He wants to play chase. Snowballs fly and laughter rolls even through the windows. The boys’ cheeks turn rosy red, and when Isaiah knocks on the door to beckon me, flakes rest on his lashes.

I’m going to dress and find my own snow clothes.

God’s great glory is in this small moment.

I’ll rejoice in His creation and His Presence in this wonderful world.

Thank you, Lord, for snowflakes and smiles, laughter and love, and for the strength in simplicity that renews and revives the soul…

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