The Perfect Birthday Gift

The best gifts are the ones we haven’t thought of yet.

Posted in , Feb 15, 2017

The perfect birthday gift

I had a birthday this week. I know not to expect much–a hand-made card from one teen, a phone call from my daughter who lives in another state, maybe a flurry of cooperation from my youngest. 

Thus I was very surprised when I heard a weird sound early that morning and came out to the living room to discover one of my kids opening a box that had arrived the previous day.

“I had a bad dream they sent the wrong thing,” my daughter explained, “So I got up to open the box when no one else was around.”

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She peered inside the box, smiled and exhaled loudly. Then she handed me the package. It was a milk heater/frother. We both like good coffee, and though she drinks hers black, I prefer mine with milk. A decade or more ago I had something like this, and I’ve missed it ever since it died. 

So we had splendid coffee this morning, my daughter and I, at 5 a.m. I curled my hand around my mug and felt both loved and content. I find that the best gifts are the ones we haven’t thought of yet. God certainly knows that, and it’s a blessing when others do, too. 

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