Where the Best Gifts Come From

Baking sweet treats for a friend brings on an appreciation of life’s blessings.

Posted in , Jun 1, 2018

Baking cookies

There’s an old saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” I experienced that a bit last week when I wanted to do something special for someone. My pal, Lynette Eason, is an amazing author and an even better friend. Lynette loves Rice Krispie Treats, and throughout the year, she often sends posts to me from Pinterest and Facebook with ideas for new recipes and serving suggestions—usually with a note that says, “Michelle!” and nothing else. 

I’ve made roll-up Rice Krispie Treats for her with a chocolate layer. I’ve made cupcake-shaped ones with frosting and sprinkles. And as the time neared for the two of us to be together last week as faculty at a writing conference, I hunted for a new take on her favorite as a surprise for Lynette. 

I bought the chocolate designed for easy melting and some M&Ms to decorate the tops, and the afternoon before the conference, I headed into the kitchen to make a batch. And then I realized I had a big problem.

This brand of chocolate was for melting in the microwave, and I hadn’t thought about the fact that my over-the-stove microwave had died and my husband hadn’t installed the new one. How would I melt the chocolate? I was afraid to try melting it in a pan on the cooktop since it was designed for the microwave. I didn’t want to disappoint Lynette, so I started thinking through options. I didn’t have time to drive to my son’s house to do them. My neighbors were either gone or going through a family crisis where I didn’t want to bother them.

And then a genius idea hit. Well, at least it would be genius if it worked. I placed a piece of tin foil on the island countertop. And then I put my heating pad (set to the highest level) on top of that, added another piece of foil, and then sat the bowl of chocolate on top. A final piece of foil and a towel covering everything to keep the heat in completed my handy-dandy new cooking technique. 

Two hours later, the chocolate was melted to a smooth and silky consistency. I dipped the Rice Krispie Treats and then decorated them in patterns with the M&Ms. Yes, folks, if you ever see a “Heating Pad Rice Krispie Treat” recipe on Pinterest, you’ll know it was my invention.

I love buying and making gifts for friends and family—but God is a far better gift-giver than I’ll ever be. In Matthew 7:11, God says that if we “know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!”

I’m so grateful today for the sweet gifts with which He’s blessed me. A beloved husband who’s been my rock for 43 years now. My precious sons and daughters-in-law. Six perfect grandchildren who fill my life with love and laughter. Friends who are such a joy to me. The privilege of writing for Him. And all of them are good gifts from the Father who loves me…and you.

Do you need to take stock today of the good gifts God’s given to you? Set aside some time to do just that. (And the moment might be even sweeter while enjoying a “Heating Pad Rice Krispie Treat” or two.) 

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