Making family memories

8 Ways to Find True Riches

Life goes by awfully fast. Make sure you hang on to what’s really important.

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Talking to a teen

Communicating with Kids in 5 Words or Less

As Jesus showed us in the Temple, getting results doesn’t require a lecture first.

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Quilting and military life.

How Quilting Evokes Military Life

When piecing together the bits and pieces of an unpredictable life, it can still be warm and colorful and well made.

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Comforting someone

4 Ways to Comfort Extended Military Family Members

During National Stress Awareness Month, remember the grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins of those who serve.

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An Unexpected Angel Comes Right on Time

When a distraught military mom sent her son off to boot camp, just the right person showed up on her doorstep.

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Worried and praying

Can You Bribe God?

A military mom realizes she doesn’t have to jump through spiritual hoops on behalf of her deployed son.

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Support teenagers in military families.

What’s It Like to Be a Teen in a Military Family?

Military parents and their young kids often get the lion’s share of attention and support. But don’t overlook the family's teenagers.

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Family time

Finding Family Time without Pressure

A military mom learns how to let her family enjoy time together before a deployment instead of packing the schedule.

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Children in church

Passing Along Faith to a New Generation

A grandmother shares her joy at seeing her grandchildren baptized.

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How a Family Dynamic Shifted for the Better

When a son enlisted in the military, all of a sudden his relationship with his brothers improved.

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Patricia Heaton, one of America’s favorite TV moms, grew to love cooking for her own family.

Patricia Heaton on the Joy of Cooking for Others

The actress, who played moms on Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle, was no cook when she first got married—but now she excels in the kitchen.

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Living faith in front of your family

Living Faith in Front of Your Family

A grandchild remembers her most precious inheritance.

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