Patricia Heaton, one of America’s favorite TV moms, grew to love cooking for her own family.

Patricia Heaton on the Joy of Cooking for Others

The actress, who played moms on Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle, was no cook when she first got married—but now she excels in the kitchen.

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Living faith in front of your family

Living Faith in Front of Your Family

A grandchild remembers her most precious inheritance.

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How a pet inspired a worried military mom

How to Break the Cycle of Worry

When her son was deployed, an anxious military mom took inspiration from the family dog to find a more positive way of thinking.

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Learning to accept moving

Being Thankful for the Here and Now

A military mom learns how to see the positive aspects of having to move frequently.

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Author and investigative genealogist Pamela Slaton

How Pamela Slaton Uses Intuition to Reunite Families

We spoke to the author and investigative genealogist about the many miraculous ways she reunites adoptees with their birth families.

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Diana Aydin, managing editor of Mysterious Ways, shares a story about her mom's mother's intuition

Mother's Intuition: Mysterious Ways Staffers Tell Their Stories

For Mother's Day, Mysterious Ways and Guideposts employees share stories, both amusing and amazing, of instances when their moms displayed mother's intuition to a heightened degree. The perfect Mother’s Day Gift: Women’s Devotional Bible

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Faith by candlelight

Faith by Candlelight

A military mom remembers a stormy night when darkness engulfed her family except for one, small light.

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K9 veterans, dogs who serve in the military

Salute Our Military Working Dogs

National K9 Veterans Day offers a chance to support our canine heroes.

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Turning hurt into love

Turning Hurt into Love

Instead of lashing out when someone close to you is treated unfairly, seek out a deeper, wider justice.

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How to limit distractions

3 Ways to Limit Distractions During Dangerous Times

For military families, life can lead to times of chaos. Here’s how to navigate them safely.

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Spring flowers

A Change of Heart, a Change of Season

A military mom finds spiritual solace and warmth while weathering her son's deployment.

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Birthday blessings

Birthday Blessings

A grandmother reflects on a multitude of birthdays and decides how she wants to spend the ones ahead.

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