Features About Friends

All of our friends are gifts from God.

Friends for All Seasons

There are family friends, prayer friends, lunch friends, writing friends–all gifts from God

Louanne Ward Trueblood (far right) with some of her former students

A Teacher Shares Lessons Her Students Have Taught Her

She spent 15 years as a high school educator. Now, she's learned her students have some things to teach her as well.


A Spiritual Bond Reunites Old Friends

After 5 years apart, these very different friends learned how similar their spiritual lives had become.

Members of the Class of 1976, John Marshall High School, Oklahoma City

10 Tips for Enjoying Your Class Reunion

If the thought of a room full of familiar faces from your high school days fills you with anxiety, we trust you'll find these tips for making the most of a class reunion reassuring, whether you graduated five years ago or fifty.

How to comfort friends in need.

5 Ways to Help Friends in Need

Even when you can’t fix someone else’s problem, you can help them cope.

Just a few kind words can spread wonder into someone's day.

3 Simple Words of Encouragement

You don’t have to go to great lengths to spread a little wonder in the world.

John and Elizabeth Sherrill

The Posture of Prayer

Longtime Guideposts contributors keep looking for–and finding–God moments in life.

The surprising health benefits of living in a close community.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Living With Friends

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman learns the value of living in community with others.

We all need friends!

We All Need a Friend

If God has blessed you with awesome friends, thank Him for that. And show them your appreciation.

How to repair a friendship.

Finding Understanding When a Friend Lets You Down

When a friend disappoints you, remember to take a closer look at the situation for clues.