Gift of a quilt from a soul friend

The Gift of the Mysterious Quilt

Do you have a soul friend, someone who brings a bit of a miracle into your life everytime you talk?

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An artist's rendering of a pair of women who are soul friends

Soul Friends: Are Some People Inexplicably Linked?

Soul mates are not just romantic partners. Discover the many ways friends can form a soul connection.

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Eric Motley

How His Small-Town Neighbors Helped Him Succeed

The support of family and friends in a small town led him to an impressive career, but he never forgot them—or the values they taught him.

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Looking for warmth and comfort

In Need of Warmth

Offering the comfort of friendship and support when the world around us is cold.

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Christ in the House of Martha and Mary

The Bible’s Most Famous Friendships

Devoted, supportive friends are among life's greatest blessings. Here are some of the closest spiritual friendships found in the Old and New Testaments.

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Welcoming newcomers at church

5 Ways to Welcome Newcomers to Your Church

It’s the one place where everyone should be greeted with open arms.

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There are many cats mousing and mingling in America’s distilleries, breweries, vineyards, bars and pubs

8 Amazing Animals With Unusual Jobs

Have you ever met a canine mayor? How about a guide horse? There are so many animals around the globe performing unique jobs. Read about these hardworking creatures.

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Midori Hall

Memory of Hope: A Reunion of Long-Lost Friends

Born in a Japanese internment camp, Midori Hall had long had a persistent memory that involved a trio of young boys and a cart full of fruit. But what did the memory mean?

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Friends comforting each other

5 Ways to Comfort People

Sometimes there are no words when hard times hit. This is when simplicity and presence carry the day.

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Sharon treasures this book, her only volume from her late father’s library.

The Gift that Restored Her Connection to the Father She Barely Knew

A massive flood had ruined the precious books that belonged to her late father. How could the irreplacable be replaced?

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Greg Kinnear and Djimon Hounsou in "Same Kind of Different as Me"

The Inspiring Friendship Behind 'Same Kind of Different as Me'

Author Ron Hall shares the life-changing lesson he hopes people take away from his new film. 

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'Victoria & Abdul': The True Story Behind The Film

'Victoria & Abdul': The True Story Behind The Film

Author Shrabani Basu reveals the true story that serves as inspiration for the upcoming film starring Dame Judi Dench. 

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