a woman in a car with a dog passenger waves goodbye in the rearview mirror blessing those who move on

Blessing Those Who Move On

It can be sad when people we love move away from us, but we must trust God to place each of us where we need to be.

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a woman on a hammock reading hidden messages from God

Hidden Messages from God

Michelle Cox sees loving, personal messages in God's Word—just for her.

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Forgive your friends.

The Courage to Forgive a Friend

Bottom line: it doesn’t matter who was at fault or who said what—it only matters what God’s Word says, and it says to forgive.

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Bearing Each Other's Burdens

Bearing Each Other's Burdens

When we carry the life-weight of another, we’re close to the heart of Christ.

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Healing and hairstyling--Lacy was inspired to bring both to Kim in her grief

A Wisconsin Hairdresser Helps a Recent Widow Heal

Lacy offered Kim faith, friendship, and regular haircuts, during her time of need. 

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Aloha! (Thinkstock)

Destined to Be Friends

How God brought together three friends who are now Hawaii-bound!

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Kim (left) and Marti pal around on the playground.

Best Friends: Mothers in Arms

We’re up to our ears in dirt, bugs and superheroes. No mother should go through such things alone.

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Joe (left) thought he could share his faith with Thomas, but it was Thomas who did most of the sharing.

In Tandem?

Thomas was an answer to prayer...just not the one he expected.

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A dust mop. Thinkstock.

Worried About a Little Dust

Don't let household perfection stop you from inviting people over for fellowship and a meal.

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Two friends talking. Photo by Werner Images, Thinkstock.

Two Imperfect Women

Serving the Lord in the middle of lives that aren't neat and tidy

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Woman's hands cupping a candle. Photo by Goo Dween123, Thinkstock.

Walking as a Woman of Faith

There’s no situation so dank and deep that the Lord’s presence can’t shine through.

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Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck on the Camino de Santiago

'I'll Push You': An Inspiring Journey Through Spain

When a disabled man felt called to hike 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago, 3 words from his best friend made it all possible.

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