Just a few kind words can spread wonder into someone's day.

3 Simple Words of Encouragement

You don’t have to go to great lengths to spread a little wonder in the world.

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John and Elizabeth Sherrill

The Posture of Prayer

Longtime Guideposts contributors keep looking for–and finding–God moments in life.

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The surprising health benefits of living in a close community.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Living With Friends

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman learns the value of living in community with others.

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We all need friends!

We All Need a Friend

If God has blessed you with awesome friends, thank Him for that. And show them your appreciation.

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How to repair a friendship.

Finding Understanding When a Friend Lets You Down

When a friend disappoints you, remember to take a closer look at the situation for clues.

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How an amazing group of friends help an emotionally exhausted mom.

The Most Amazing Friends in the World

A network of support helps an emotionally exhausted mom keep her head above water.

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Guideposts blogger Rick Hamlin remembers his friend Wesley Henderson, a Tuskegee Airman.

Last Song for a Tuskegee Airman

Remembering Wesley Henderson, a beloved friend and distinguished World War II serviceman

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What at first appears to be truth often turns out not to be the case. Someone may be in need and you don't realize it.

How to Change Your Focus to Help Others

Lives aren't always as trouble-free as they first appear. Here's how you can help.

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A sweet and simple invitation from a child clears the mind of holiday clutter.

The Blessings of Reaching Out

A child’s invitation helps set a priority for the year to come.

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Diana Aydin shares a story about finding an unexpected friendship.

The Story that Sparked an Unexpected Friendship

From feeling out of place to finding a new friend.

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A true friend is someone who doesn't judge--like a messy kitchen--but loves you in your mess.

Being Vulnerable with a True Friend

A true friendship is built on love, not judgment.

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Guideposts: Dylan (right) with his best friend, Jonah

Chocolate Bar: A Story of True Friendship

A young boy comes up with a creative way to raise money to fight the genetic condition his best friend was born with.

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