A Lesson in Marriage: Pray Together, Stay Together

If we didn’t keep working on the prayer part we would never be as close as we are.     

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A husband and wife claps hands on the famly Bible

Carol and I were back at church this Sunday after the vacation, back sitting together, back seeing friends, back singing together—I always like it when she reaches for the descant—back praying together. 

I thought of this when I read the latest study showing that couples who pray together stay together. It always seems so patently obvious to me. What does a marriage need to survive and thrive? Intimacy and community. Isn’t that just what you get when you worship together?

Sure, there’s the mutual interest stuff that matters, the coffee-hour talk about vacations and kids. There’s the usual comparing notes about the sermon: thumbs up, thumbs down and what, dear, did it mean to you? There’s something to be said for hearing the same Bible lesson in the same place: “I don’t even remember that passage from Proverbs, do you?” But I depend on the emotional vibe that comes from opening up side by side even in silence.

Early in our marriage I remember hearing something that really touched me in church, I glanced at Carol and saw her wiping a tear from her eye. “Yes,” I thought, “we need to be always doing this together.” What better way to stay in touch with her heart.

Twenty-seven years later we’re still at it. Same place every Sunday. Of course, we get fed up at times and are tempted to sleep in, but we show up. Not for nothing did our marriage start here with a prayer. If we didn’t keep working on the prayer part we would never be as close as we are.

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