A Masthead Match Made in Heaven

Free magazines from Guideposts Outreach made a huge difference in this man's life.

- Posted on Jul 14, 2014

Jason (right) with his wife, Jennifer

You may be surprised to learn how far this magazine travels. Twenty years ago, when I was a college student in Harbin, China, I took part in a weekly Bible study organized by an American teacher on my campus. I didn’t know much about faith back then. I went to improve my English.

One day, the teacher handed out copies of a small magazine called Guideposts. “Happy reading!” she said.

I’d never read an American magazine before. These stories were so uplifting! I liked that they were about people overcoming real-life problems with faith. Guideposts might be small, but it had a lot to say.

It became my favorite thing to read, and I saved every issue. As my command of English grew, so did my faith.

After college, I got a job at an English-language school. One of my coworkers was a nice American girl named Jennifer. We started out taking lunch breaks together. I answered her questions about Chinese etiquette and she filled the gaps in my English vocabulary.

Soon we were going out to dinner and the movies.

One day, I took one of my old, dog-eared issues of Guideposts to read during my downtime. I heard footsteps approach my cubicle. Jennifer.

“Whatcha reading?” she asked.

“It’s American,” I said, showing her the cover. “Do you know it?”

Jennifer laughed. “Of course I know Guideposts! I used to be an editor in the book department. I’ll show you.” She turned to the masthead and pointed out her name.

Jennifer and I are married now and have two rambunctious sons. But something–and Someone–connected us long before the day we met.

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