An Amazing Marriage Proposal

An amazing marriage proposal story that took place on stage at the City Ballet of San Diego.

Do you ever watch a romantic comedy and think, “Well, this is all very nice, but that never happens in real life.” Sometimes it just seems like those fairy tale-like love stories you read or hear about–like how my parents met in the first grade–are a thing of the past.

I, for one, always assumed that I’d walk into a New York City book store and there my future husband would be. Standing right in front of the Jane Austen aisle. Holding the very book I’d come to the store to buy: I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron. He’d, of course, be the owner of a cannoli factory in Italy. And we’d spend the rest of our days taste-testing Italian pastries. (Sorry, I’m still hungry from all the dieting!

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Alas, that has never happened. But this week I saw something that gave me hope that romance is still alive and well in the world. On Tuesday, my colleague Stephanie, the managing editor of Guideposts Books, sent an email to a few of us in the office:

“My niece Erica Alvarado got engaged on Sunday after she and her boyfriend performed Romeo and Juliet,” she wrote. “How romantic is that?”

Photo by Gary St. Martin/San Diego Ballet/FacebookErica and her now-fiancé, Stéphano, are principal dancers with the City Ballet of San Diego. Last Sunday, they danced the lead roles in Romeo and Juliet. Right after the death scene, Stefano proposed. On stage. In a Romeo costume.

It just kind of renews your hope in love, doesn’t it? Even if your cannoli-factory-owning husband isn’t on the scene just yet.  

What about you? Do you have an amazing proposal story? Share it below–you never know who it might inspire!

Around the World with Love

From Paris to Japan to North Carolina, these images will inspire the romantic in us all.

  • The Heart Reef in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

    Heart Reef

    Further proof that God is the ultimate romantic–a coral reef shaped like a heart! The Heart Reef sits in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia, and is a popular destination for helicopter and seaplane marriage proposals. 

  • Wall of Love in Paris

    Wall of Love

    In Paris, France, one of the most romantic cities in the world, lives a wall all about love. The “I Love You Wall” is the brainchild of artist Frédéric Baron and calligrapher Claire Kito, and features 612 tiles with “I love you” written in 250 languages. Talk about amour!

  • Estancia La Guitarra in Argentina

    Estancia La Guitarra

    A true testament to true love. This guitar-shaped grove in Pampas, Argentina was lovingly cultivated by farmer Pedro Ureta in honor of his late wife, Graciela, who died while pregnant with their fifth child. Pedro and his family spent 35 years fulfilling Graciela’s dream of an aerial sculpture in the shape of her favorite instrument. 

  • Meoto Iwa, aka the Wedded Rocks in Futami Bay, Japan.

    Meoto Iwa, aka the Wedded Rocks

    Linked by a straw rope, these two rocks in Futami Bay, Japan, near the Futami Okitama Shrine, are said to be wedded. The big rock is the husband. The smaller rock is the wife. They represent the Japanese deities, Izanagi and Izanami, and honor the sacred bond of marriage. 

  • The Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Bird Island State Reserve in North Carolina.

    Kindred Spirit Mailbox

    In North Carolina on Bird Island State Reserve, visitors can leave anonymous letters, secrets and prayers for one another via the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. The black metal mailbox, which is more than 30 years old, was inspired by a beachgoer’s vision of a gathering place for strangers to share inspiration.