An Unexpected Beginning

Unsure if she was ready for a new marriage, her late husband came to reassure her.

- Posted on Feb 7, 2015

A closeup of two seniors holding hands

It was nice to have a male friend to do things with—play golf, watch movies, go to concerts and plays together, but I hadn’t thought about romance since my husband, Jim, passed away.

That seemed to be just fine with my friend John. Until, out of the blue one day, he surprised me with his thinking. “I want us to take the next step,” he said. “But I don’t want to rush you.”

Now I had to consider the idea. The next weekend John took me out of town to meet his sister.

We went to a boat show during the day and ate traditional Polish food for dinner. That night John’s sister showed me to the guest room.

I was in a deep sleep when I suddenly woke in the middle of the night. I sat bolt upright in bed.

The room was filled with light. I’d never experienced a brightness so intense, like looking directly into the sun, yet it didn’t hurt my eyes.

The door of the room opened and in walked Jim. He sat down on the bed beside me. “Shirley,” he said, “you need to move on. We had a wonderful marriage, but now it’s time for you to be with John.”

The next thing I remember it was morning. John and I were soon married, with Jim’s—and heaven’s—blessing.

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