Destined for Each Other

A married couple realizes they were truly meant for each other after looking at an old photo.

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Welcome to the Mysterious Ways blog!

Each week, I’ll bring you true stories of miracles and incredible, spine-tingling moments that are more than mere coincidence: unlikely, unexpected, and entirely amazing.

Like the story I read today about Philip and Lisa Twamley, of Dublin, Ireland.

According to the Irish Mirror, Philip and Lisa met at a bar while they were on vacation in Spain in 1998. Philip took Lisa’s number, but she never expected to hear from him again. As it turned out, they were on the same flight home…and they’ve been together ever since. Today, they’re married and have two children.

But that’s not the amazing part.

Recently, Lisa asked her sister-in-law if she had any photos of Philip growing up. Her sister-in-law handed her a photo of 10-year-old Philip, on the first day of his summer vacation, posing on a ferry boat on a family trip to Wales. In the background was a little girl, sitting with her family.

“I just started screaming,” Lisa told the Irish Mirror, “I was in the background.”

A sign that these two were destined for each other, a decade before they knew it themselves.

Do you have a Mysterious Ways story about how you met your significant other? Or the incredible sign that showed you were meant to be together? E-mail it to [email protected].

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