Gratitude for a Husband's Snoring

After 64 years of marriage, her husband's snoring becomes music to a wife's ears.

Posted in , Jun 26, 2015

Can the sound of snoring turn into music to one's ears? A wife is grateful for her husband's snoring after 64 years of marriage.

In a long marriage, can a husband's irritating habit turn into something worthy of gratitude? Diana Aydin finds out.

The other day, my fellow Guideposts editor Allison Churchill brought a letter to my attention. It came from Mary Anne Thurman of Fort Valley, Georgia. It was a short note. But, boy, did it leave a lasting impression on me:

Mary Anne Thurman and the snoring husband she is so grateful for.“My husband’s snoring irritated me during the early years of our marriage.

Now, 64 years later, at ages 85 and 88, I thank God when he snores.

It means that he is alive, well, and sleeping soundly.”

I gave Mary Anne a call this week to talk to her about the note. Her husband, Howdy, answered the phone. He didn’t know his wife had written Guideposts a letter, let alone about his snoring! But he was a good sport about it.

He told me that Mary Anne has lost much of her sight and hearing over the years. It’s no wonder his snoring is such a comfort. 

What a wonderful way to look at the world, don’t you think? The next time I hear sirens wailing outside my window or someone chomping on pretzels a little too loudly, I’m going to try to switch up my perspective. Take a hint from Mary Anne.

After all, the noises of this world can be just that. Noise.

Or, if you change your tune, it can be music to your ears.

Has God ever sent you a little message to switch up your perspective? Share your story below!

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