I'd had it with dating. Until I received a letter I couldn't ignore.

Posted in , Jan 18, 2010


Men. I wanted nothing to do with them. So when an invitation from Together, a matchmaking organization, came in the mail, I tossed it—only to take it out of the trash again. “What harm could sending in the questionnaire do?” I said finally.

A counselor called to ask me even more questions about myself and what I wanted in a mate. “We’ll find you the perfect match!” he promised.

Together introduced me to several men, but no one seemed right for me. I was ready to throw in the towel when another counselor called. “My name’s Missy,” she said. “I’m new here, and I’m going to start working on your file immediately.”

A few days later Missy called me. She could hardly contain her excitement. “You’ve just got to meet Bill,” she said. “I’ve never seen a more perfect match on paper!”

“This is my last try,” I said.

Turns out Bill and I had a lot in common. “I almost threw that questionnaire away,” he said. “But something wouldn’t let me. Missy said we were sure to hit it off.”

We talked for hours that night. When we met in person Bill knocked my socks off. Six weeks later I called Together to tell Missy the good news—Bill and I were engaged.

“Missy?” the receptionist said. “We’ve never had a Missy working here.”

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