Partner Spotlight: A New Marriage Program from the Co-Founders of eHarmony

Marriage experts Les and Leslie Parrott hope their program Better Love can transform your marriage.

- Posted on Mar 21, 2019

Courtesy of Les and Leslie Parrot

Better Love has been a long time coming. The program’s founders, Les and Leslie Parrott, have been in the marriage business for more than 30 years—not just as a married couple themselves, but as counselors and entrepreneurs dedicated to helping other couples flourish.

After spending their career speaking across the country, authoring best-selling books like Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts and co-creating eHarmony marriage, the Parrotts have encapsulated years of expertise in a simple assessment. Their professional training in therapy and psychology, and deep knowledge of how to harness technology to improve relationships, led them to create Better Love, a personalized assessment program designed to bring couples closer together.

The process is simple: couples take a ten minute assessment and then instantly receive a customized report.

“[The report is] 10 pages long and comes with an action plan,” Les told “The action plan will help you unpack the information in your report in a meaningful way.”

The Parrotts purposefully made the assessment easy and stress-free to complete. Les said Better Love wasn’t designed to be a chore, but a fun activity centered around four date nights.

“[Better Love] is for any age or stage,” Les said. “We have everything from dating couples to couples that have been married for 50 plus [years]. It's a low threshold for an investment with a huge return and it's painless.”

The customized report takes into account more than 40,000 variables, tailoring what Les calls the “personality pinwheel” with startling specificity. The report includes sections on the “DNA of your relationship”, decision making styles, conflict types and time management.

“It gives you really practical insight into how you're hardwired to manage time,” Les said. “The goal of that is to help you reclaim moments that you've been missing together.”

Les has heard numerous stories of Better Love helping couples in every stage of relationship.

“We had one couple recently who had been married for 10 [plus] years,” Les said. “[The wife] said, ‘We’ve been stuck in some ruts in our relationship. This helped us find grooves—positive ways of interacting with each other.’”

Les and Leslie have found this metaphor to be true in their own relationship, having done the assessment themselves. After decades of marriage, the Better Love assessment still revealed hidden truths about Les and Leslie’s relationship.

“It gave us more empathy for each other,” Les said. “That capacity to see the world from each other's point of view more quickly. Few things are better for a relationship than mutual empathy. It's like magic.”

But the assessment doesn’t stop at helping you became aware of how you relate to each other, the goal is to inspire couples to take action to improve their relationships. The program is priced at $35 and makes a great gift.

“If you really want to move the needle in your marriage, you will now have a sense of [what you need to focus on],” Les said. “We say it's the world's greatest shortcut to meaningful conversations and deeper intimacy.”

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