Restoring a Broken Relationship

Focusing on love, respect and dignity in our dealings with loved ones.

Posted in , Jul 12, 2017

How to improve your relationship

Every relationship faces its own challenges, whether it’s a marriage or a friendship. Sometimes obstacles are for the good, causing a relationship to strengthen, while other times they are for the worst. When a relationship is strong, both parties are able to work together to get thorough anything. For example, a strong marriage consists of a husband and wife who together learn to master the challenges of working, running a household and raising children.

While some relationships are able to navigate their way through changes easily, others are not. Some suffer drastically as a result. When this happens, it’s critical that both parties acknowledge that there is a problem and work to resolve it. It may even be necessary to get help from an outside party such as a counselor to assist in the healing journey.

Working things out takes time, patience and honesty. It also takes prayer, placing the relationship in God’s hands. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to put in the hard work required, but prayer opens the way for the much needed wisdom and guidance in managing a relationship during hardships. When you pray, don’t ask God to change the other person. Ask God to change you both—and to show gradually, how each of you can improve the relationship for the better.  Focus your prayers on the changes you need to strengthen and enhance the relationship.

Strive for sacrificial love—love in which each person places the needs of the other above his or hers. That doesn’t mean being a doormat or putting up with abusive behavior. It means putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes and seeking first to understand instead of being understood. The main goal is to establish a positive and healthy relationship. What has helped you restore a relationship? Please share with us. 

Lord, show me the way to restore my relationship with love, respect and dignity. 

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