Simple Ways to Show Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, little gifts that don’t cost a lot, if anything.

Posted in , Feb 13, 2017

Simple ways to show love.

Sometimes we think it takes big gifts to show that we care, but the best love is often found in the little things.

My husband, Paul, and I have been married for almost 43 years. (That’s a lot of Valentine’s Day celebrations!) He’s always been good about expressing his love and giving gifts for special occasions, but the moments that make me feel most loved are when his love is conveyed without a reason or shared in everyday moments.

Guys, are you paying attention? I’m going to help you out here. Any woman loves it when her sweetheart brings her flowers “just because I love you.” It doesn’t have to be a big expensive arrangement—even one or two blooms of her favorite flower will show that you’re thinking about her.

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Or what about when you buy a gift that shows you’ve paid attention, and you know her heart? That’s almost guaranteed to give joy. My husband knows I have a deep affection for cupcakes, and when he buys me one, it makes me feel special.

Sometimes a simple note can change the whole course of a day. I remember a morning awhile back when I was discouraged as I wandered down to the kitchen. The previous day had been rough, and I was exhausted. I found a note on the kitchen counter, “I love you, and I’m praying for you.” That set a new tone for my day.

And sometimes we forget that one of our best gifts is our time. I posted on Facebook awhile back and asked women what they would like for Valentine’s Day. I was amazed at how many of them wanted a night at home just being together. So simple, yet so important.

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All of these are great (and in case Paul is reading, I still like getting gifts!), but for me, the absolute best times with the man I love are the spiritual moments. Sitting in church together. Holding hands as we pray before bedtime each night. Working on a project for the Lord together. And sharing the joy of watching our adult sons serve the Lord. Priceless moments, indeed.

As Valentine’s Day rolls around, what can you do to share love in the mundane moments? And beyond that, what can you do to make your loved one feel special every day of the year?

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