Use the '5 Love Languages' for God

Just as we show appreciation in our relationships, there are ways to demonstrate our love to God.

Posted in , May 16, 2016

5 ways to show God that you love Him.

I don’t know when I’ve laughed as hard as I did last night at our family get-together. I love times like that!

My husband and I had joined our in-town kids and grandchildren at our son’s house to celebrate his birthday. We enjoyed a delicious meal on Jason and Kella’s deck, soaking in the stunning view of the mountains behind their house.

We listened to sweet giggles and squeals as the children played in the yard. Nobody was in a rush and we just sat and talked—a wonderful treat since all of our lives are so busy.

We cleared the table and everyone moved indoors as drops of rain began falling in earnest. While the little ones played, the adults gathered in the great room, just hanging out and enjoying being together.

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And then somehow as we discussed our son’s new gift (the drill he’d requested), the topic came up about our love languages. My daughter-in-law walked over to their bookshelves and found their copy of The 5 Love Languages–The Secret to Love That Lasts by Dr. Gary Chapman. She read a little to us about those love languages. (I think all of them are my love language!)

That’s when the laughter began, as we tried to guess each other’s love language. When Kella read the part about husbands cutting out hearts and leaving messages around the house for their wives, one daughter-in-law said the only way that would happen would be if her husband had their daughter cut the hearts out.

But the truth is that all of us in that house last night have been loved way beyond what we deserve. We are so blessed by our happy homes and marriages.

We laughed as we discussed our shortcomings, but we also had some great conversation. I was thinking about that this morning when I woke up, and the thought hit me, What’s God’s love language? That’s a lot to ponder, but I think we should just go ahead and give Him all the love languages today:

1)  Affirmation
What do you want or need to say to God today? Take time to praise Him. Express your love and your thankfulness. 

2)  Time
How can you carve time out of your busy schedule so you can spend more time with Him? Times of sweet fellowship where you can listen to what He wants to say to you.

3)  Gifts
Everything belongs to Him—so the only thing you have to give God is YOU. 

4)  Service
Think of how you can be of service to the people around you.

5) Touch

Let God know you love Him by becoming extensions of His hands to others who need help and kindness.

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