Blogger Dan Kessel's parents in 1982.

A Speedy Decision

Something guided my dad’s split-second choice, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel

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a couple having marriage problems

Do You Need Marital Bliss Bootcamp?

If your “I do’s” could use a tuneup, here are tips to keep your marriage fit and healthy.

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A woman reads a birthday card

One Last Birthday Card

She longed for one more expression of love from her late husband. Could it happen?

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A UPS man makes his delivery

White-Glove Service

This UPS delivery man had a little touch of Cupid to him.

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A closeup of two seniors holding hands

An Unexpected Beginning

Unsure if she was ready for a new marriage, her late husband came to reassure her.

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Edward Grinnan

Love Lost

Their love never goes missing–though TV remotes and sunglasses occasionally do.

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A ukulele

Heaven's Music: The Way I Am

Her engineer boyfriend liked things to be perfect—even his musical marriage proposal.

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Yearbook photos of Irma and Ernie

A Marriage Meant to Be

It was love at first sight, but would forces beyond their control keep them apart?

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Steven Eugene Carter

Finding Purpose in Rejection

After the devastating discovery of his adoption, one man went on to find his identity in God

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Rob Bell and Kristen Bell, author photo, The ZimZum of Love, Guideposts

‘The Zimzum of Love’: Rob Bell and Kristen Bell Speak on Christian Marriage

The husband-and-wife founders of Mars Hill Bible Church want us to rethink Christian marriage.

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Shawnelle and Lonny celebrating a strong marriage

Keeping the Spark

What it takes to keep a marriage–the gift of oneness–strong

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Carol, John and a big pot of baked spaghetti

A Marriage That Started With Spaghetti

He asked her out, and she was dying to say yes. There was one problem: her father.

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