How to make your marriage last with 10 tips.

10 Tips for a Lasting Marriage

Here's how to avoid "I do" from becoming "I don't" with 10 tips for making a marriage last.

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Can the sound of snoring turn into music to one's ears? A wife is grateful for her husband's snoring after 64 years of marriage.

Gratitude for a Husband's Snoring

After 64 years of marriage, her husband's snoring becomes music to a wife's ears.

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Renewing vows at every wedding

Renewing Your Vows at Every Wedding

How to keep your marriage commitment fresh when the couple at the altar says "I do"  

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A wedding ring for a long marriage.

The Wedding Band Prayer

Rings aren’t eternal, love is.

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Richard and Elaine getting married. Photo by Krista Tacey-Cater.

Never Too Late For Love

Richard Slater died six times. He came back to life for her.

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John and Ann Betar have been married

Love Stories We Love: John & Ann

On their 80th anniversary, the Betars were declared America's longest-married couple 

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J.D.  and Judy Wade

Love Stories We Love: J.D. & Judy's 50th Anniversary

After a 23-day courtship, the Wades married and have been together for half a century.

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Cuddling couple, Guideposts

5 Tips to Spiritually Spice Up Your Marriage

Restore the passion in your marriage with these biblical tips

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Carlos and Gaby

Love Stories We Love: Carlos & Gaby

Watch newlyweds Carlos and Gaby describe their feelings without using the word "love"

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Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, real couple behind the movie The Vow

Love Stories We Love: Kim and Krickitt

The Carpenters share their inspiring true story behind the movie The Vow

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Blogger Dan Kessel's parents in 1982.

A Speedy Decision

Something guided my dad’s split-second choice, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel

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a couple having marriage problems

Do You Need Marital Bliss Bootcamp?

If your “I do’s” could use a tuneup, here are tips to keep your marriage fit and healthy.

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