Features About Marriage

Elderly couple holding hands

The Science Behind a Broken Heart

Is there science behind the phenomenon of couples dying together? 

A father's prayer on his daughter's wedding.

A Prayer for My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

A father anticipates the joy and blessings of officiating at his daughter’s wedding.

We try to define love, but often it defines us.

The Unbreakable Connection of Love

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman realizes how love often transcends the ways we try to define it.

Celebrating a long marriage of ups and downs, connection and prayer.

The True Meaning of Love

Praying together and enjoying each other’s company have connected these two souls over the years.

happy married couple

How to Stay Happily Married

Seven married couples describe the habits and attitudes that help keep their marriages happy.

Inspiring Quotes About Love and Marriage

Inspiring Quotes About Love and Marriage

Celebrate the ups and downs, blessings and challenges of marriage with these uplifting and amusing quotes!

5 ways to show God that you love Him.

Use the '5 Love Languages' for God

Just as we show appreciation in our relationships, there are ways to demonstrate our love to God.

An amazing marriage proposal story that took place on stage at the City Ballet of San Diego.

An Amazing Marriage Proposal

Romance lives! In this one, Romeo proposes to Juliet, right on stage.

Meredith Andrews marriage counseling

How Counseling and Faith Helped Heal Meredith Andrews' Marriage

The singer opens up about a rough season in her relationship and shares a piece of advice for other couples going through hard times. 

Appreciate the blessing and gift of a spouse on National Spouses Day.

The Blessings of a Spouse

Express your love and gratitude for the partner who helps with the big and little things in life.