Adult Children

Parenting is a lifelong job, even when grown children are living their own lives. Supporting adult children can take many forms, from financial support to childcare help to the emotional safety of a loving family. What do your adult children need from you?
Palm trees in a storm

A Worried Mom Waits Out the Storm

As Hurricane Irma bore down on her son’s family in Florida, a mother finds spiritual refuge.

A young mother reading a bedtime story to her daughter.

In Praise of Those Who Mother

Mother's Day isn't exclusively to mothers, but to those who are proactive in the responsibility of "mothering".

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Karen and Lloyd Leveridge, on the evening of their wedding in 1954

A Mother's Last Gift

Years after his mother's death, one Guideposts staffer discovers a beautiful reminder of her love—and her sense of humor.

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A mother grieves over a daughter's anorexia

Grief for a Daughter in Crisis

A mother’s heartbreak echoes a situation that God knows intimately.

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Carmen Escamilla and her son Cande

First-Generation Mother Takes Pride in Her Educator Son

Carmen Escamilla had long dreamed of her children growing up to be well-educated, prosperous professionals. Her son Cande tried to accomodate her wishes by going to law school—until the day he decided to pursue another path.

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A worried mother hands her grief to God over a daughter's illness and anorexia.

Handing Grief Over to God

As a daughter struggles with a life-threatening illness, a mother hands her battered heart to God.

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Guideposts: Scott Shute went back to his roots to regroup and recharge.

Faith of His Father

His high-tech career at LinkedIn couldn't have been more different from his father's life as a Kansas farmer. But some lessons always apply...

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Lessons From the Land

You would think the basic values of Silicon Valley would be a million miles from a wheat farm in Kansas. You’d be wrong.

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a mother prays for her children

Praying for the Sharks

Michelle Cox says it’s the unexpected details that need special prayer.

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Road trip

Father/Son Road Trip

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. That was my 30-year-old son’s gift to me.

Rick Hamlin's son, far left in green pants, with the LinkedIn team in India

Prayers for a Team Player

Even now with children all grown up, the prayers continue.

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Blogger Rick Hamlin and his two grown-up sons!

Prayers for Grown-Up Kids

They are, after all, in God's hands.

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Stories of Faith blogger Marci Seither

Trust the Lord to Handle All Anxiety

"The anxiety within me," writes Marci Seither, "dissipated when I saw the love on his face."

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Father-daughter wedding dance

Awesome Father Daughter Dance

This father-daughter duo will steal your hearts with their antics and dance moves.

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