Celebrity chef Guy Fieri and his father

June 15 marks Father’s Day this year. And to celebrate, we’ve brought together 10 of our most inspirational stories about dads.

In these real-life stories, you’ll meet all kinds of fathers—from a firefighter who literally saves a life to the everyday heroes on whom we depend for strength, support, encouragement, love and wisdom.

Whether these inspiring stories are told by the dads themselves or the children who love them, the theme that runs throughout them is that no matter how difficult things may be, no matter how hard times may get, you can always count on dad.

So to dads everywhere we say, Happy Father’s Day!

My Promise to Dad
How did Buddy Valastro become the Cake Boss? Here's his inspiring story.



The Extra Mile
The inspiring tale of a dad who goes above and beyond for his kids.



Father's Day Rescue
Firefighters rely on skill, faith and prayer to rescue a boy from a burning building.



A Marine Dad's Most Important Duty
I was a Marine, a lifer—or so I thought. Then came Patrick to test my faith.



Learning from Dad
Celebrity chef Guy Fieri talks about why his father is his greatest inspiration.



Dad’s Angelic Visitors
Two angels bring comfort to a family during their father's final days.



The Faith Behind a Father's Promise
How the power of a promise to his daughter motivated this dad to change his life.



Talk the Talk
A daughter helps her father overcome his fear of public speaking.



Father of the Bride
A loving dad reflects on "letting go" of his baby girl on her wedding day.



Finding Success
How hard work—and a call from dad—helped Bobby Flay become a top chef.